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6 Ways To Incorporate The Green Marble Trend In Your Home

Marble had a valuable and versatile quality- It is durable, environment-friendly and sustainable, making it one of the most popular trends in home decor.  If you prefer rich pigments and heavy textures but don’t want to use black marble, green is the way to go. From cool mint to deep emeralds, green marble is one of the hottest house decor trends of 2018.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the green marble trend in your home:

1. Kitchen

Green marble has a special place reserved for it and that is in the kitchen. Use this trend as kitchen countertops or kitchen sinks. Or consider changing your kitchen island to green marble for a unique touch to the room. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a little something to update your kitchen without changing the entire kitchen. The organic color works extremely well in the kitchen; moreover, it is a perfect way to add some glamour to your kitchen.

2. Coffee Table

It’s understood now that green marble is the trend to watch out for countertops so why not try a coffee table in a vivid green marble? Green marble table is chic and modern and excellent for adding texture to any space. Opt for a green marble coffee table with golden legs for your living room and watch the guests awe with admiration. It can give your space an air of sophistication and lush that no other accent can. This look can also be through the introduction of a side table with a green marble top in a room.

3. Accents

Green marble accessories are a perfect way to venture into the trend without disrupting your currents decor. Venture into the trend with small accessories. Use a green marble tray as a decor to display your finest wine collection or metallic art objects. A wall clock with a green marble backdrop is an easy way to bring the trend into a room. You can also use this trend as lighting fixtures in the form of table lamps and pendant lights to serve the dual purpose of lighting and decoration.

4. Wall

Green marble is available in a wide range of hues from deep to light and can be used in combination with multiple hues. You can opt for green marble wallpaper with a combination of different hues from vivid brights to pastel neutrals to create a picturesque wall display. The idea is to have the appearance of marble without the high cost involved. Planning a wedding? Choose the green marble trend as your wedding theme and create a feature wall with green marble murals to make your guests stare in awe.

5. Bathroom

The bathroom has become a place of relaxation. Green marble has a soothing hue to it that can work extremely well in a bathroom. It is beautiful and does not have the heaviness of a larger shade of marble. Use it on the wall, countertop or as flooring. Or add a green marble tub to relax in with a glass of champagne at the end of the day. Green marble works in any backdrop such as white, gray and black which are the most common colors found in a bathroom. Make use of fitting and fixtures in gold or brass to make your bathroom look luxurious and expensive.

6. Flooring

You can opt for marble floorings in different hues of green to add an organic element to your room. Arrange it in a well-defined pattern for a modern feel to the room. Add a few accent pieces that match the flooring for the ultimate contrast. This works well in a modern home with luxury interiors by combining it with furnishings in natural materials such as leather, glass and wood, and in faux decor and ornamentation.

Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca Siggers

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