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6 Best Rakhi Gifts to Send to Kids on This Rakshabandhan

Raksha-bandhan Festival Importance

Rakhi is a special event for brothers and sisters; especially kids look forward to Rakhshabandhan every year. Those living away also celebrate this festival and send Rakhi with some best rakhi gifts to India for children of cousins and friends. But, sending gifts along with Rakhi is a better choice than sending Rakhi alone. Parents often plan for a house-party to celebrate the dedication between brothers and sisters, something which even children wait for. Just like how birthdays are a grand event for children, so is Rakhi. In fact, in schools, Rakhi is grandly celebrated and boys usually carry sweets and gifts for their classmates who tie them Rakhi.

It is in the formative years that the sibling bond develops the best, and this is why Rakshabandhan is an important occasion for any traditional Indian family. But which type of gift would be suitable for children on Rakhi? As choices of kids vary, it is important to know some popular gifts that are suitable for Rakshabandhan. Then, you would be able take a decision of gift purchase well in advance. You can think about Rakhis for kids like spider man Rakhi, chota bhim rakhi etc.

Today, we bring to you a list of unique gifts you can select for your children on this Rakshabandhan.

1. Chocolates and Flowers:

Children would not leave an opportunity to dig their teeth into chocolates, even as adults we are guilty of such pleasures! If you have family members living elsewhere, then you can send flowers and chocolates for their children as gifts. This way you can strengthen the familial ties and make them know they are remembered. For your own kids, you can probably try out homemade chocolates and cakes. If there are flower plants in your garden, you can use the flowers to decorate  your house.

2.  Bicycles and Skateboards:

If your child is very young, then you can get a four or three-tyre bicycle. Bicycles are one of the most popular gifts for kids on Rakhi. If your child is older than 7 years, then you can get a skateboard for him/her. Children today take on to adventure sports with all their heart and skateboarding is one of the fun activities they like to pursue.

3.  Action Hero Toys and Disney Dolls:

Children are attracted towards the world of fantasy. This explains why they are easily glued on to watching cartoon channels on the television. If you plan to send Rakhi to India then do choose some toys as gifts, because kids will love it. For boys, you can select their favourite Action Hero toys, such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine etc. For girls, you can choose Disney princess dolls, such as Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Jasmine etc.

4.  Jigsaw Puzzles and Board Games:

Board games and jigsaw puzzles are interactive and perfect to gift to siblings. There are age-appropriate games available for both these categories. Choose jungle safari jigsaw puzzle, as it is animal and forest-themed, kids will adore it. For board games, you can look for snakes and ladders, monopoly, checkers, chess, carom etc.

5. Comics and Short-Story Books:

Kids like reading short stories and comics. You can buy a set of Chandamama comics, Archies, Tinkle and likes or short-tale story books. When you send Rakhi to India, you can include different comic and adventure tale books for children. This is a perfect gift to cultivate reading habit in young ones. If they already prefer a certain comic book series, you can purchase a volume of those.

6. Accessories for Kids Bedroom:

You can give a makeover to the kid’s bedroom. Get new wall decals, probably one of aquatic theme with design of fishes and water creatures. Look for graphic bed-sheets and pillowcases with teddy bear or dinosaur imprint. Decorate the study table with interesting accessories. Thus, you can surprise your kids with quirky bedroom decor this Rakshabandhan.

There are several Rakhi gifts to choose from for kids. You can go ahead with the above-given gift items and make your children happy on the eventful day of Rakshabandhan.