5 Things Your Partner Expects from You But Doesn’t Say

5 Things Your Partner Expects from You But Doesn't Say

Love and companionship go hand in hand. Combine the two,and you’ll have the perfect marriage.

We all know why love is important. It’s important because, errr…well, it’s love! But the reason companionship is important is that it not only helps you fall in lovebut also staying in it (which is the more difficult part). If you two are compatible, there’s a good chance that your relationship will last for a lifetime.

One of the keyingredients of compatibility is communication. If you are in a relationship where you and your partner are comfortable in your skins and easily convey what you want and what you don’t, then you’re one lucky fellow! However, it’s not always that simple.  There are some things which your partner expects from you but likely won’t say it out loud. She expects you to figure it out on your own.We understand that you aren’t a mind reader,but it’s not rocket science either. These are routine life things which don’t need to be told andarequite obvious. They are so obvious that you might find this article ‘Duh! Everyone knows this’. But most of us forget these simple things as we get busy in a complicated life.

Following are the five such things which your partner expects from you but doesn’t say: #1. Time:

You know what changes after you get into a relationship or get married? You have to think of the ‘two of you’ now. The everyday hangouts with friends should be limited as your time isn’t just yours anymore. It’s perfectly okay and healthy to have the infamous ‘me time’,but you should always make sure that you spend enough time with your partner. She definitely wouldn’t say this as this would mean asking for something very basic which you are supposed to know. So, justgive her some time even in the busiest days,and you’ll see how happy your relationship would turn into.

#2. Financial Stability:

Another thing that goes without saying is safeguarding your family’s financial interest and wealth. You should know how to manage your money; be it in spending, saving or investing. Plan your expenses and make sure a portion of your hard-earned money goes into your savings account.Become a planner before you become a spender.Similarly, you shouldn’t forget to invest a certain percentage of your monthly incomein term and health insurance as well. Having such insurance covers will provide you and your loved ones a cushion in case on unexpected emergencies.

#3. Respect:

No one would tell you to respect them, especially not your partner. Thisis the thing whichseems obvious but gets ignored often. However, the key to a healthy relationship is mutual respect. You should understand your partner and respect the choices that she makes. Try not to be a ‘know-it-all’. Listen to the advice she gives you and discuss her ideas. Include your partner in decisions that would affect your life. These are the very basic things which many of us bypass.

#4. Intimacy:

Most of the relationships are killed by the growing distances. Be close to your partner; physically, mentally and emotionally. You should build a relationship in which your partner can confide in you. Understand your partner’s needs and desires, notice what makes her smile and what turns her off, and act accordingly. It’s not always about chocolates andflowers; sometimes it’s just about a hug in the time of need.

#5. Hygiene:

No one wants a partner who’s not hygienic. Bringing this topic up can lead to one of the most awkward conversations of someone’s life. So, many avoid having it. Never give your partner a chance to bring it up. Maintain your personal hygiene. It’s not only recommended for a happy relationship but is extremely important for your health too. Make sure you take a bath every day, groom, regularly and put the wet towel where it belongs – in the dryer. Being neat is not optional, remember that. It will also give you confidence which would keep you lively and energetic throughout the day. Tiny good habits can have many benefits, being hygienic is one of such habits.


A healthy relationship will help you in having a healthy personal and professional life. You’ll be able to concentrate on your work better if you know you have a happy partner to go to at the end of the day. Keep these little things in mind to make your relationship a big success.

P.S. We hope after reading this, you won’t tell your partner, ‘then why didn’t you say so?’