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5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving Onto A Kogan Prepaid Mobile Plan

Others Neil Atiken 15 November 2017

Kogan Mobile is an Australian mobile provider that has consistently provided its customers with cheap phone plans since its inception in 2015. Their ability to offer high levels of flexibility at rates lower than many of their competitors is exactly why we think you should consider Kogan. With many prepaid plans to choose from, Kogan allows you to make the best choice that meets your needs. Let’s run through our five takes on why we think you should consider switching over!

#1. Affordability:

Naturally, cost is something that’s important to anyone looking to buy anything, not just a mobile plan. Our lives have become increasingly dependent on mobile connectivity to a point that even the most basic functions cannot be done without it. Fortunately, as more providers have entered the industry, overall prices have gone down – which is great! However, when it comes to prepaid plans, Kogan’s prepaid plans, really takes the cake with its comparative affordability.

With a starter-pack SIM available at only $2, the provider gives potential customers the opportunity to get a free starter pack SIM with any plan they opt to go with. As a bonus, Kogan’s diverse range of plans gives its customers a lot of options to choose from, which also happens to come at very affordable prices. Kogan’s pricing structure is based on two factors – the data allowance and the duration of their service period. All of Kogan’s plans come with unlimited standard calls and texts, irrespective of how much data they have signed up for and how long their service period is.

Starting off with a 1.5GB for 30 days plan for only $16.90, all the way up to a 16GB per 30 days for 365 days plan for $315.10, Kogan offers 13 varying plans in total. This also includes a 2GB for 30 days data-only plan for $14.90. As you can see, compared to many of its competitors, Kogan provides its customers with low prices and many options to choose from.

#2. No hidden fees:

Closely linked to the topic of affordability, hidden fees are one of the most problematic aspects of trying out new subscription plans. At some point in time, we have all experienced at least one instance when we had to pay for something we did not know we had signed up for. Fortunately, Kogan prides itself on its reputation of having no hidden fees. Whether this includes flag-fall fees, unlocking charges, or pay-out charges at the end of your plan, Kogan guarantees that you will only pay for what you have signed up for. So, if this is something that you are concerned about, Kogan could be your ideal provider.

#3. Convenient setup – bring your own device!

One of the most difficult aspects of moving onto something new is losing the sense of familiarity with what you used to have. We are human after all – it’s perfectly natural for us to build ties. The same can be said for our phones, especially considering how much time we spend using them every single day. Many mobile plans require us to either buy new phones or use specific devices – this is always a throw-off! Fortunately, Kogan customers would not have this problem as its service works with most devices on the market and, if you are looking to upgrade, you could check out the deals Kogan offers on its wide array of phones and tablets throughout the year.

Once you have ordered your SIM, Kogan delivers it straight to your doorstep with absolutely no delivery fee!Once your SIM is dispatched, it should arrive at your home within 4-14 days, depending on where you live. For more information on SIM delivery, please check this link out. Once your SIM arrives, you should be able to set it up in a couple of minutes by following the instructions on the packaging. However, if you do need additional support, Kogan has a fully-equipped and very friendly support team on standby for you.

#4. Keep your number:

If you have ever had to change your number at some point in time when switching over to a new provider, you know exactly how much of a nuisance it is to start off fresh with new digits. From backing up your contacts, to updating your friends and family, the entire process can be time-consuming and annoying. Many users opt to stick with their existing providers, just to avoid having to change numbers –  often sticking with a provider that they aren’t too happy with. Fortunately, one of the key benefits of Kogan is that it lets you keep your existing number, making the entire process of moving onto its network seamless.

#5. Nationwide connectivity:

Another important factor that goes into deciding which provider to go for is the extent of their service coverage. After all, what good would a mobile service be if it did not provide you with coverage in the areas you needed it the most. As a re seller of Vodafone, which covers over 22 million people, Kogan taps into the mobile giant’s coverage range and provides its customers with uninterrupted and crystal-clear service.

As a member of the Australian Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program, Vodafone recently announced its plan to invest $20 million to build 74 new telecommunications towers in New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia, and Victoria. Vodafone also expanded its network, this past April, by securing two 5MHz lots for $285 million at the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s high-value spectrum auction.

These advancements will most likely enhance Kogan’s services as well, which means that their customers could also expect improved services very soon. If you are looking to move into an affordable provider, with a great range of service, and promising future developments, Kogan is probably what you are looking for.

Key takeaways

The mobile services segment of Kogan’s business has only been in operation for just over two years, however, their range of prepaid services and plans gives their customers plenty to choose from – at very affordable rates! Powered by Vodafone’s network coverage, which is continuously improving, Kogan is undoubtedly a provider you should seriously consider!


Neil Atiken

Neil Atiken

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