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4 Basic Things to Make a Perfect Hookah Session in Shisha Lounge

A perfect hookah session has become something of a myth these days. More new hookah lovers are settling for a ‘good enough’ experience. Simply because their current hookah experience is far superior to anything else, and they don’t have a clue of how to make it better. So, how do you convert a ‘good enough experience’ to a truly perfect hookah session? Well, there is a combination of few things that contribute to an awesome hookah session and we are trying to lay it all out for you to get your shisha experience to that peak.

Mindset is the key

There is nothing worse than a bad mindset to can ruin a perfect moment. If you desire to have a perfect hookah session, the first thing to do is clear your mind. Many people have shisha to relieve their stress, that’s a totally fine thing to do but preferably only sometimes. In the perfect scenario, you should not focus on anything else, and make hookah your main priority. All you need to do is find your happy place before you start a hookah session and you will be well on your way to a perfect session.

Perfect setup

You might have heard the saying that you can never reach heights if your foundation is not strong. Well, the same is true for a perfect shisha session, i.e. you will never get the best with a mediocre setup. Getting a better tasting and smoking bowl is a crucial part of that perfect hookah experience.

Company matters

Getting the perfect hookah flavours for your hookah is just as important as the people that you will enjoy that flavour with. The group can take your hookah experience to the next level, and if the people are not the right fit then they can make it unbearable also. Make sure to be with people you enjoy being around while having a hookah. The basic idea behind every hookah session is relaxation and enjoyment, just make sure that your company has the same goals in mind.

The perfect setting/ environment

Even if you have checked every box till now, your hookah session can still fall apart if the environment you have chosen is not right. This is something that is different for each individual, so you need to think about how you want your session to go and choose the environment for that. Like, If you are planning on having a good conversation with friends then better to look for a quiet place. Another thing to make sure is that everyone is comfortable. A shisha lounge can be a good idea to look for as you can easily find the environment that is best suited for you and your friends to enjoy your time as you like.

Not every hookah is perfect, and it is just not possible to do every single time. But you can always improve your experiences with good friends just by giving these tips a try. The better your sessions get, the more you enjoy and relax.