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3 Mystery Of Trial Room, Every Girl Should Know, Must Have A Look

You Never Know When Some One Filming Your While Trail Your Favourite Dress. So Here I Am Sharing Some Mystery Of Trail Room

Hey Girl,

If you don’t aware while shopping your favourite dress and trail your dress during shopping for best purchase according to your body suitable can easily turn your best into worst time from hidden camera secret room , conceal microphone  can compromises your safety and premises.

You never know when some one filming your while trail your favourite dress. So here I am sharing some mystery of trail room or what should be the signal signalling:

1. Check Phone Signal:

If  your trail room in which you are entering in have hidden camera you can see  an effect on your phone signal. Signal on your phone will be call drop means suppose that you are talking in trail room with you phone then if there will be a hidden camera your call will be automatically drop . this means that  there is hidden camera on your trail room.

2. Test The Mirror:

If in your trail room there is two way mirror it means some one is watching you from other side of mirror so  be aware .

You can check it very easily. Put your finger on mirror if there is gap means  mirror is one way and if there is n gap then some one is watching you.

3. Putting The Light On Mirror:

Two way mirror work when one side of mirror have bright colour and one side dream light it can also be checked.

Turn on the touch and off your  trail room touch of your mobile room light  and just discover the truth of mirror

Now  a day  regarding safety of girl telecom company  were they were taken step toward safety of a girl. In market various mobile app which can detect all types of camera.




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