20 Indian Movies Got Banned By Censor Board, But Worth Watching

Censor Board have authorisation to ban any movie that violates entertainment & media's protocols. These violation may be sexuality, black comedy, sensitive

Censor Board have authorisation to ban any movie that violates entertainment & media’s protocols. These violation may be sexuality, black comedy, sensitive subjects, false allegations etc.

There are some Indian movies list, got banned by censor board of India but even on this, I can suggest you to google these and enjoy films. These are really make some sense.

20 Indian Movies List, Got Banned By Censor Board But You Can Google and Enjoy:

1. Water(2005)

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This film is banned due to protesters crew created at Varanasi. During released times in Uttar Pradesh film created protesters in rural area.

2. Bandit Queen(1994)

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Due to its nude scene and biographic character of film Phoolan Devi, she claimed that she is not being authenticated in film.

3. Fire(1996)

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Due to character name of film Sita and Radha and their lesbian relationship film is banned.

4. Urf Professor(2000)

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Due to some dialogue, like ‘Din Mein Leti Hoon Raat Mein Deti Hoon’ this movies has banned by censor board. Because producer was not ready to cut those scenes.

5. Black Friday(2004)

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Due to its controversial content film is banned because film is based on Mumbai blast of 1993.

6. The Pink Mirror(2005)

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This movie is also banned only due to transsexual and transgender in the movie.

7. Paanch(2005)

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Movie was based on serial murder cases. Due to some bold dialogues and horrifying muder scenes , this movie was banned.

8. Final Solution(2004)

indian-film-banned-censor-board-india-final-solution Due to its content based on Religions in India and Gujarat Riots censor board banned this film Censor board felt fear that if this movie is release then it can created violence.

9. Firaaq(2008)

Image Courtesy: Shemaroo
This movie is based on true  incidents  of riot – torn- and  actress Nandita das  has criticised Hindus and Muslim so this film is banned.

10. India’s Daughter(2014)

Image Courtesy: BBC
This film is based on Nirbhaya case of 16 December 2012. In this film director has shown culprit and lawyer’s comment toward defending.

11. Amu

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This film is totally potential threats to the harmony of the country and based on Sikkhs Riots so this film is banned.

12. Garm Hawa

indian-film-banned-censor-board-india-garm-hawa This film is banned due to its content which is base on Muslim family during India Pakistan revolve and board got fear  that film can’t crate political issues in country.

13. Sikkim

Image Courtesy: My Green Sikkim
This film is banned because in this film is based on Sikkim merged in India in 1975.

14. Kissa Kursi Ka

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Kissaa Kursi Ka was getting made in 1974, it was ready to release in 1975. The congress government didn’t allow its release as a period of emergency and riots had been declared during Indira Gandhi death.

15. Kama Sutra – The Tale of Love

indian-film-banned-censor-board-india-kama-sutra Due to its heterosexuality and homosexuality scene in film , film is banned.

16. Hawayein(2003)

Image Courtesy: Mannerism
The film is based on the aftermath of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination and anti-sikhs riots all over India. So that film got banned.

17. Papilio Buddha(2013)

Image Courtesy: Papiliobuddha
The film focuses on the atrocities against Dalits and some time Mahatma Gandhi’s followers. Firstly film got banned by censor board but after some time was released and even on this film didn’t get censor board certificate.

18. Parzania(2007)

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Parzania movie shows a story based on a Parsi couple’s struggle during Hindu terrorist in Gujrat over Muslims and Sikkhs.

19. The Mastermind Jinda Sukha(2015)

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Story based on Arun Kumar Sridhar Vaidya, a former general of the Indian army. After Home Ministry of India’s allegation film was banned.

Inshallah, Football (2010)

indian-film-banned-censor-board-india-inshallah-football Due to its sensitive subject, this film is banned. This movie make a false impression about Kashmir and Indian Army. That’s why film got banned.

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