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15 Signs of True Love In A Healthy Relationship

There are a lot of couples we see whose relationship does well for a lifetime and there are some whose relationship does not maintain for a long interval of time. The reason behind that is true love in a healthy relationship. Some people consider attraction in terms of love which gets lessen with the passage of time or with increasing distance for a long time.

Now before starting a relationship you first should be aware of either the relationship would be based on true love or just attraction for that in this article I will mention some of the key points that will help you make a good startup. If you want make your relationship goals then you must follow all the steps that are discussed in this article.

Put Yourself In Your Partner Shoes

You should at least think from the perspective of your partner sometimes. This could lead you to know what your partner thinks and how she/he feels. If you just think of yourself and always consider yourself as the right one then this is not true love. By practicing this act it could lead you to make a strong relationship.

Overcome Jealousy

Jealousy comes in a relationship when the trust bonds are weak. It is some sort of good thing and makes your partner feels good that you do care about them but being jealous all the time from every small and big thing is the sign of insecurity. If you don’t get jealous that this is a sign of a strong trust bond and true love.

Always Say We, Not I

The couples who say we in every situation such as we will do that, we will go on a trip, our success, our failure than this type of couples are the example of true love. Whenever you talk to your partner always use the term we instead of saying I will do this, my success etc. because there is nothing left doing alone if you are in true love with your partner.

Share Everything With Your Partner

Everything going in your life big or small, good or bad is willing to share it with your partner. You will see true lovers won’t hesitate to share anything with their partner as they trust them and they know they will feel light and good. By sharing you may also get some good solutions from your partner as they care for you so they will never give you a wrong opinion.

Keep Promises

True lover’s always kept others promises in every situation. If you truly mean that you love your partner you will never break the promise you made before starting a relationship. But if the couples can’t keep their promises then this proves that they don’t truly love each other.

Don’t Hurt Each Other

Sometimes the situations arise that you unintentionally hurt your partner whom you loves a lot but this doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. But if you do it in every situation either big one or small one than it is the sign that you don’t love him/her and want to get rid of.

Sacrifice For Each Other

Learn to sacrifice for each other because the sign of true love is that your priority should always be the happiness of your partner. If both of you give priorities to each other’s choice than there would be no option left for fights. Don’t take your partner for granted if you do so then it indicates that you don’t truly love your partner.

You Know Each Other

If you truly love someone then you are always in a try of exploring it because it gives you pleasure to know more about your partner. If you don’t love your partner then you won’t make efforts to know about her life and her choices this would seem as a big task to you. The couples that they know more about each other are clear examples of true love.

The Willingness of Changing Yourself

The other sign of true love is that of having the willingness of changing yourself for your partner rather than expecting from her to do this for you. By changing I don’t mean to be a puppet but you could just understand the sensitive situations sometimes and try to adjust and sort out the situation in order to keep your relationship working.

Passion Never Dies

The passion of loving, caring and loving never dies it remains as it was in a start in the couples where the bond is made on true love. But the relationships that were made on the basis of something else you would see the casual behavior of the coupes as time goes. In true love passion never ceases as much the time goes their bond gets stronger.

Can’t Stay Angry For Too Long

As the thinking and mentality do not match all the time and in every situation, there are chances of fighting each other as this is human nature. But where true love exists those couples can’t stay angry with each other for too long. They instantly sort out there problems and gets normal again.

Constantly Saying I Love You

The couples in whom relationship true love exists they will constantly say I love you to each other on every occasion where it is required to say. The fake ones feel it a kind of irritating one to say I love you all the time but where love exists those feel good to say I love you to each other.

Remember Special Things

The other about the couples who truly love each other is that of remembering things of each other. Where love exists there is no exception of forgetting something important about each other such as the anniversary date, birthdays etc.


The couples truly trust each other and don’t impose any kind of restrictions on each other where true love exists. They don’t get jealous or get insecure from some other person as they have trust in their partner.


The couples that truly love each other their only priority is to provide love to each other and make them feel special all the time. They don’t think something more important and satisfactory than their partner’s happiness.


In the above article, I have mentioned some of the points that are the signs of true love. Read the article carefully and judge whether your relationship is based on true love or not.

Patricia Franklin

Patricia Franklin

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