Pros And Cons Of Installing Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Units

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Pros And Cons Of Installing Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner Units

More than a luxurious home appliance, air conditioners have become a basic necessity today. Be it an office building, a retail unit, warehouse or a residential apartment, cooling systems are extremely useful in keeping the surroundings cool and liveable. Also, with varying needs, there are a number of different air conditioning options available on the market. To help you take the right decision, here we’ve enlisted some pros and cons of installing a cassette AC in your building.

Cassette Air Conditioners

As we just stated above, a broad range of air conditioners are available on the market. Amidst these, ceiling cassette air conditioners are stealing the show – be it for installation in a business organization or in a residential apartment. Cassette air conditioners are typically mounted in the ceiling and are best suited for floating or suspended ceiling variety, where there’s sufficient space for installation.

Pros And Cons Of Ceiling Cassette A/C Units


  1. Aiming the fact that cold air falls, cassette air conditioners mounted to ceilings promise excellent coverage. Fans installed in these cooling systems are quite powerful and are able to cover a relatively larger space as compared to other cooling systems.
  2. Since these are mounted to the ceiling, typically false or floating ceiling, cassette air conditioner, practically do not take up any space which could be used for something more production and/or essential.
  3. 3. The condenser in a cassette AC is situated outside the building. This means that a the air conditioning type makes no noise. It’s especially an ideal choice for business organizations.
  4. 4. Another advantage that cassette ACs speak of is variable speed fan and programmable thermostat. This means that you can easily adjust the temperature of room as well as save high on your electricity bill.
  5. Last but not the least, cassette air conditioners are highly energy efficient as well.

The Cons

  1. 1. Since cassette air conditioners are ceiling mounted, their compressor units are located outdoors. The distance between the two units can be relatively long, which means there will be a lot of hole drilling through the external walls that would ask for a professional’s help.
  2. 2. If you’re planning on installing cassette air conditioners in your office, warehouse or computer room. You’ll surely need more than one A/C unit, which would increase your cost considerably.
  3. 3. If you live in a multi-storey apartment or you operate a business in a multi-storey building.There is no guarantee that its ceilings will have enough space to accommodate the installation of a cassette air conditioner. If there isn’t any space, then you’ll have to switch to other air conditioning types, such as split ACs, window AC etc.