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You Can Still Watch The Avenger’s Infinity Wars Without Posting It On Facebook

You Can Still Watch The Avenger’s Infinity Wars Without Posting It On Facebook

Status status status.. Offline to online everywhere status matters. Lets talk about avenger’s infinity war.

Yeah, From Barcelona to bathroom, no matter what place is that, the world has to know what we are up too. Restaurant, travel, movie, check-ins and what more… dude, do you think that I have logged in to Facebook to check your update??? These Facebook atrocities are never-ending. Already we have an option to check the nearby people but still, you wanna tell the whole world that you have checked in somewhere.

Despite all stress and pressure, we come to Facebook to chill out but these news updates are filled people’s updates which we don’t wanna see. That’s still more bugging yar, pity on the singles who are sitting back in the home and the scrolling the Facebook feeds filled with couples chilling out in someplace.

Coming to movies, dude I know the movie has been released I haven’t watched it also but did I ask for any movie review? Then why have you posted the entire screenplay on your status? Is it so necessary?

Wait wait wait … I’m not going to troll Avenger’s infinity wars but just saying something else..

Ohk so lets talk about..

Avenger’s infinity wars, this fever have spread all over the world. The curiosity among the crowd to watch the movie is prominent, that’s OK but it is not acceptable to post on Facebook when you don’t even know what avenger’s infinity war is all about. I know my close friend who has not watched any English movies other than the Titanic and Jurassic Park but still post in his status that “can’t wait to watch infinity wars”. I commented on his post that “tell me what are DC comics and marvel studios? The movie got released, the infinity war is also over but still, I didn’t get a reply to my comment by any means.

Now how I have to react?

feel sorry for him or make fun of him?

BBHHUUUHHHAAAAA I can only laugh at this poor fella. When ten people post the same thing the eleventh one comes outs with the same content but he/she will literally have no idea of what’s going on.

Whatever is viral it has to be on your wall. Oh man, come on. Does it even make any sense? Then what’s the difference between the people who share a spiritual pic to get the blessing from God in ten minutes and the one who changes their DP into black to get justice for the ongoing issue, coz they think that government doesn’t want its energetic citizens to hide their beautiful image in a black screen?

Guys, there are people like me who don’t get time because of being loaded with office work, and people whose girlfriend is neither interested to watch a superhero movie nor allows her boyfriend to watch a movie along with his friends, there are people who have booked their tickets and still waiting to watch. But you still post this on Facebook and make us see this heck.

Actually what you expect us to react? Thank god at least you made my friend to watch this movie and how enthusiastically he has posted the whole story and saved my money from watching the movie because he has already revealed the mystery of the movie.

I have one question for you guys. Can you tell me the movies which you have to be aware before watching avenger’s infinity wars??? Dude you can travel, go for a movie, eat in a restaurant, hang out with your friends, explore the world still without posting on Facebook.

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