What is Threat Intelligence and How Will It Help Security

What is Threat Intelligence and How Will it Help Security

The Security of Information Systems: Threat Intelligence in the 21st Century

Utilizing a comprehensive threat intelligence platform, rather in business or for personal use, is of the utmost importance in today’s economy. With hacking and cyber threats at the forefront of everyone’s mind, being prepared for such an instance showcases a level of understanding and respect for the technology we take for granted. To illustrate this point, even more, a popular article was recently released that took an introspective dive into the world of cyber warfare. Interestingly, these statistics reveal that the world of online crime and data theft will grow in the upcoming years. Insiders and experts believe that the total cost of damages from information tampering will skyrocket to 6-trillion dollars by the year 2021.

Stopping a Threat in Its Tracks

Much like how the real world operates, a criminal attack is usually made apparent before the incident takes place. Think of a scenario in which a local suburban home is burglarized for electronics, jewels, and spare cash. The intruder often plots out their entry for weeks in advance, taking notice of the family’s routine and inspecting for vulnerable entry points. Erased log files, unusual server activity, odd behavior on certain platforms and strange access requests are all indicators that a hacker might find something interesting on your servers that they want.

In the same light, a hacker will tamper with their target for weeks, sometimes months, before their mission is launched. Threat intelligence tools allow clients to have a comprehensive insight into their hosting platform to expose potential areas of interest. Much in the same way you wouldn’t perform a transaction with a merchant that has an extensive history of criminal activity, businesses and stay-at-home entrepreneurs should avoid these hosts at all costs! A comprehensive threat intelligence platform will warn you of outside users that may pose a threat to the security of your data, client information, website infrastructure and pertinent information.

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Tools of the Trade

Cyber threats, without sounding like a cliche, can come from anywhere. While most hackers will only cause a minor inconvenience — such as a denial of service attack — some wish to cause more harm. One instance — done by a 15-year-old in his free time — rendered the FBI nervous and shaking in their boots as thousands of employee credentials and personal information was made available to the public. The boy, who goes by the online handle ‘Cracka’, was able to break into the email of an FBI head, John Brennan, and leak copious amounts of sensitive data.

Although this particular case may seem like an oddity, one thing rings true: threat intelligence tools are a must-have! Failure to keep systems up to date, or worse, ignoring the warning signs showcased for the public eye, is dooming your business before it gets started. Rather than being another company that went unprotected, secure your business and ensure that your clients are protected moving into the ever-evolving future of being connected via the web.