What is the Dignity of Human Life? How should we observe this in Medical Situations

It is expected that medical field would get better if medical society starts to operate under the rules are meant to safeguard the dignity of human life
Dignity of Human Life how we can observe in medical situation

The concept of dignity has always been a part of human culture. The literal meaning of human dignity is the feelings of respect and gratitude one has towards himself or someone else. However, every word loses its meaning to get a new one when it enters into the world of another field.

With the birth of the internet and technologically advanced devices, the concept of the gratitude got mixed with privacy to give a new meaning to the word “dignity”. Though cable providers make sure to keep the users safe from every kind of threat but still there are some risks patients take when they give their data for medical use.

Moreover, the hospitals should make certain rules to ensure that every patient is treated with care and respect to maintain human dignity. Here are few ways the dignity of human life can be maintained in the hospitals and medical organizations.

Ways to Observe the Dignity of Human Life:

1. Using Humans as Objects

From the beginning of the medical science, humans have been used as objects by many doctors and scientists. The trend of conducting experiments on human specimens started in early 1796 and continues even after being banned in many states.

Many young children have lost their lives just because so scientists can invent medicines and vaccinations for some diseases. To test the vaccination of cowpox a child was subjected to the virus of cowpox. The child lost his life eventually.

Science justifies it by saying that one life lost brings the way to save millions of lives all around the world. However, every life has the same value in this world. Even one life costs a lot and it should not be subjected to dangerous experiments.

There should be proper laws not just in any country but also in the medical sciences too to not use any living being as an object for the experimentation.

2. Unethical ways of Research

In many parts of the world, researchers use humans in unethical ways for their research. In 1966, many reputable colleges and medical institutes used human beings in a very respectable way. However, unfortunately, the results of the research were not as expected.

The reports of the research brought the fact on the surface that Federal government made rules about not using the humans in disrespectful ways for any kind of research. Unfortunately, the rules were only applicable to the organisations running under the banner of the Federal government.

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You can find many such research published on the internet. Actions were carried for some of those researches as well. To get an internet connection to access these research papers you can Google “internet service providers in my area” and select the one that suits best to your needs.

It is the right time that government of all the countries on the globe should prohibit the use of humans in disrespectful ways for any kind of experiment or research. In certain countries, the laws already exist but they should be implemented forcefully to get the best outcomes.

Implementing Ethical Policies

The researchers are performed under certain rules that are designed by the research committees. Fortunately, there are many research ethics committees in different universities and medical organisations. These committees should lay the basics of the research ethics in form of mandatory rules.

The committees should ask the researchers to get a consent form signed from the humans taken for the experiment and in case of any mishap or bad behaviour, the human should be able to complain against the researchers.

However, there are some kinds of research whose results could get affected if the participants are told to sign the consent form. The research on the topics of human behaviour and human psyche are two of the vast topics belonging to this field.

It is expected that medical field would get better if the medical society starts to operate under the rules that are meant to safeguard the human life’s dignity. As explained before, the life of every human holds the same value. Even one life lost to the hands of the experiments does cast some negative effects on the society.

Moreover, the privacy of the experiment participants should be observed as well. Majority of the cable providers all around the worlds work under certain rules to safeguard the privacy of each individual. It is hoped that medical science would become even a better field for humans one day.

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