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What is Numerical Relay? Its Function and Advantages

Information Arun Pable 19 February 2018

Numerical Relay Is Also A Digital System, Which Is Concisely Communicating With Substation Automation. What Is Numerical Relay

The numerical relay is one of electrical base of the software protection against to detect the natural & unnatural fault in the electrical machinery. Numerical relay is also a digital system, which is concisely communicating with substation automation.

First of all we need to know what is Numerical Relay? Numerical protection helps to protect electrical power system, transformer & distribution system from the various types of damages. This is relay also help to monitor, control & protect electrical power system. Relay available is hardware & software, multi function protection and communication & indication attribute etc.

What are the advantages of numerical relay?

Compact size:

The physical design of numerical protection relay is smaller & compact size, which is mean the panel need minimum wiring than equivalent functions implemented.


Every company need has own requirement according to electrical system. Since the numerical relay also available in customized modification.


For relay, one of basic issue is that large components and mass interconnection, component non reliability can be an issue. But in case of numerical relay find very fewer interconnections ensure reliability.

Multiple Relay Characteristics:

Ashida Electronics multi function of numerical relay according to every power system requirement. This relay also providing monitoring, controlling & protection kind of multiple functions existing in the numerical protection relay.

Communication Functions:

According to new significant advantages update, currently there is possible to make communication with human begging. This relay directly with numerical. Relay will show automactlly because it was link with history data. This is help to find natural & duration fault.

Auto reset:

It has been highlighted, how the numerical relay is flexible according to requirement. Once you activity relay than you didn’t have to check your electrical machinery.

Related benefits:

Apart from natural & unnaturally damage, which can be inured. Your get benefits from numerical relay like micro compact size, auto reset & communication function.

Arun Pable

Arun Pable

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