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What Happens When You Are Not Drinking Enough Water?

On the contrary, if you are not drinking enough water, then your body can be dehydrated and you can face several unpleasant symptoms

On The Contrary, If You Are Not Drinking Enough Water, Then Your Body Can Be Dehydrated And You Can Face Several Unpleasant Symptoms

Drinking the right amount of water is extremely essential for our body as it helps to maintain a healthy weight and helps to produce bodily fluids such as saliva and flush toxins out of the body. Moreover, water has huge contributions to our optimal muscle performance, regular bowel function and clear skin. On the contrary, if you are not drinking enough water, then your body can be dehydrated and you can face several unpleasant symptoms, including – (Information Credit – https://getsavvi.co.za/)

1.      Dry mouth

The first sign of not drinking enough water is the dry feeling in the mouth. Many people make the mistake of recovering this dryness by sipping on soft drinks or fruit juice. However, although these drinks contain water, they cannot hydrate the body like water. In fact, you can be even more dehydrated by certain drinks such as soda. So, you must have a good amount of water every day. You may infuse some fruits in the water, but do not go for a sugary alternative.

2.      Bad breath

As mentioned earlier, water plays an important role in producing saliva and rinsing away bacteria, so healthy teeth and gum condition are maintained. So, if you do not drink much water, then bacteria can build up on the tongue, and bacteria production can also be reduced. If you are suffering from bad breath for a long time despite practising good oral hygiene, then it may be due to lack of water.

3.      Reduced urination

When the body gets dehydrated due to not drinking enough water, as much fluid as possible is retained by the kidneys for maintaining their function. As a result, you can start suffering from reduced urination. You can also notice a change in your urine. It can be darker and cloudier, and the odour can be stronger. The risk of urinary tract infection also becomes higher when the body lacks water because the toxins and bacteria are not flushed out well.

4.      Fatigue

When you are not drinking enough water, the body is at the risk of an overall fluid loss. This fluid loss can result in a reduction in blood volume. As a result, the heart may not be able to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the organs and muscles. Thus, you can feel fatigued and tired the whole day. If you feel sluggish all day even after a good night’s sleep, then you need to drink more water.

5.      Constipation

Water is important for good digestion, as well as regular bowel movements. It helps to keep your stool softer so it can move through the digestive tract easily. If your body lacks water, then it will draw the necessary water from your stool for compensating for the loss of fluid, which will make the stool harder and difficult to pass. You must drink water to loosening your stool and relieving constipation.

6.      Cravings for sugar

If you eat well, and still you are craving for sugary foods after eating, then it can be possible that your body does not want food but water. When your body is dehydrated, it cannot reach into the glucose stores for energy, which triggers the craving for sugar and carbohydrate. You can experience sudden and unusual cravings for chocolate. Candies, cookies and doughnuts. Try drinking more water for solving this problem.

7.      Frequent illness

While water helps to flush toxins, bacteria and waste out of the body, it strengthens the immunity system so the body can fight infection and disease and you get sick less frequently. So, if you are always ill, your body may lack water. As mentioned earlier, you will feel more tired and fatigued without water. When this happens, we tend to move less and become less active, which can weaken our immunity system more.

8.      Unhealthy skin

By drinking more water and hydrating your body, the skin cells are plumped, which makes the skin look more youthful, vibrant and bright. However, your skin can lose its elasticity and plumpness if you are not drinking enough water. As a result, several skin problems can occur, including dryness, flakiness, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Flushing out the harmful toxins of the body also reduces the risks of acne which will also show up when the body lacks water. If your skin health is getting poorer even after getting skin treatments and using beauty products, then you should increase your daily water intake.

9.      Headache

Along with a dry mouth, lack of water can lead you to a persistent headache. Your brain can shrink due to fluid loss, and as it pulls away from the skull, a strong headache will arise. Along with the headache, you can suffer from several other problems such as cranky mood and finding it harder to concentrate on study or work. However, drinking the right amount of water helps your brain get back to the normal size and deal with these problems. These are the primary signs that you are not drinking enough water. Facing these problems, you should visit a doctor and start drinking more water to maintain a healthy life.