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Video: NDTV Journalist Nidhi Razdan Kicks Out Sambit Patra on Live TV

Debate of Bhartiya Janta Party’s spokeperson Sambit Patra and english news channel’s journalist Nidhi Razdan has reached the higher level so that, Nidhi threw out Sambit from live debate of NDTV.

Nidhi Razdan even told Sambit that, this show is mine and I’m kicking you our from my show. Actually, Razdan’s show had a panel of five people, including Patra and Congress’s Sharmistha Mukherjee, among other panelists who were discussing the recent incident where a cow was allegedly slaughtered in public by a few Kerala Congress members to protest against the ban which the BJP has been rooting for.

When Nidhi asked Sambit Patra a question, Sambit called this debate as NDTV’s agenda. Nidhi asked him to apologies on live TV and said that, this is my show, how can you say it’s an agenda, when I asked something to you and you don’t have answer.

Nidhi said, “Either you apologies or just leave this program, I’m not going to accept this accusation of an agenda.”

“If I asked you a question on beef, how can you call it agenda of whole channel ?”, she added.

Sambit said, “I also go to the other news channels but I don’t disturb penalist, but NDTV supports Congress.”

Firstly, Nidhi asked Patra to take back his words, to which he denied to do any such thing and then Razdan went ahead and said, “You are welcome to leave the show.”

After this incident, how Twitter buzzes: