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U.P Police on “High Alert”, C.M Yogi gets NSG Elite Black Cat Commandoes

Seeing The Situation More Than 2000 Madrassas In U.P Are Under Surveillance. According To Minority Affairs Department There Are More Than 500 Madrassas

U.P Police is on high alert from Friday. A group of 20-30 men, allegedly trained by Pakistan’s ISI is planning to attack busy and important places in Uttar Pradesh.

The ISI’s men dressed in seers or Sadhu has been asked to target important places like Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra and other busy places.


U.P anti-terror squad inspector general Asim Arun Said “we are coordinating with other against to transverse such attempts.” Central Intelligence Agency is sharing all inputs with U.P Police to catch any suspect plotting against U.P.

Railway Superintendent and Districts chief have been made aware and are being warned to tackle the matter seriously, against any such activities happening in U.P

The ISI’s men are reportedly planning to enter through Nepal border dressed as seers. They have been trained for months to get acquainted with all the practice and many rituals of Hindus.

It is also said that, they may try to enter religious places of Hindus and may attack on many important places of U.P, most likely, places like high court of Allahabad, Temples, Vidhan Sabha, railway stations or places of historical importance.


Seeing the situation more than 2000 madrassas in U.P are under surveillance. According to Minority Affairs Department there are more than 500 madrassas, out of which 55 are of high school level and 15 are of degree level. Police and intelligence agencies are keep an eye on those madrassas and will take necessary actions if required.


Home Ministry has said this step has been taken, keeping in mind the “high threat” to C.M Yogi . C.M Yogi will now have 25 NSG Commandos guarding him loaded with sophisticated weapons and escort vehicle equipped with jammer and other modern technologies.