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Top Most Corona Tracker And Covid-19 Best Websites In India

Many Websites Are Trying To Raise Awareness By Tracking The Number Of Cases, Recoveries, And Deaths In India| Coronavirus Trackers In India

The lockdown in India has been for almost a month now, yet it feels ages. You may be working from home or maybe sitting idle, depending on your work profile. Nevertheless, most of you would be anxious as to when life will take its ordinary course and when you can continue walking your dog in the park and when you can have pizza from your favorite joint. India is going through a susceptible phase right now, and one might want to know where we lie precisely on the spectrum. Many websites are trying to raise awareness by tracking the number of cases, recoveries, and deaths in India due to Coronavirus. Some of the best Coronavirus trackers in India have been discussed below.


This is a coronavirus tracker solely dedicated to India. Other than being interactive, this website has graphical information available on the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries due to Coronavirus in India. State-wise data has also been provided so that you can obtain more insights into the situation of your state. 

John Hopkins coronavirus tracker

John Hopkins tracker is a global tracker and provides extensive information on the Coronavirus situation in India too. It is considered the most reliable map one can make use of to know the latest COVID-19 updates in their country. Other than India, you can check out the cases in other countries too. The sources for John Hopkins are reliable too. The sources are NHC, WHO, CDC, ECDC, Worldofmeters.info, as well as the database of state and national government health departments and trustworthy local media reports. Around 1500-2000 new cases of COVID-19 are reported in India every day. 


This can be considered the safest Covid-19 tracker in India when looking for Coronavirus data since it is an official website and is run solely by the government. It offers real-time updates on the number of cases in the country. State-wise news and updates on the same have been made available too. Along with the option of live tracking, you can find a wide range of preventive measures to avoid the risk of getting infected. If you are worried about the lockdown, live updates on the lockdown have also been given. 700+ plus people have died in India because of this deadly virus. 


The best thing about this website is that it was an initiative taken up by some Goa students. It is good to see the youth leading the fight in this pandemic. This Covid-19 tracker in India has a smooth interface and is very easy to use. A map of the country has been displayed to convey the information in a better and more graphical manner. To know about any state of the country, simply click on it, and you gain access to state-wise cases. You can comfortably view the Coronavirus death count state and district wise. It is an immaculate website with information and has the demographics laid out in an easy to read manner. It also has a special feature that tells you the exact distance between you and the nearest positive COVID-19 case.

These websites are warriors too doing their bit in this battle against this lethal virus. They are especially crucial, given the outbreak of a plethora of misinformation. 

Dinesh Goswami

Dinesh Goswami

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