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Top Home remedies for Sprained Ankle

Information Ashley Bennet 1 January 2018
A Muscle Pain That Someone Has Overstretched Or Suffered From Joints Twisted Is Called Sprain. When One Has Joint Twisted, Making Ligaments

A muscle pain that someone has overstretched or suffered from joints twisted is called Sprain. When one has joint twisted, making ligaments – a part connecting between your bones injured. Ankle sprains is also caused by that result when ankle joint has been affected by some reasons, for instance, lifting heavy loads of things, overrunning/ falling on a rough surface, accidents, or wearing a high-heel. The signs proving that one has already got an ankle sprain are: feeling painful, swelling and bruising ankle.

Due to the fact that sprained ankle can change from mild situation to a more serious one, it should not be neglected and should be treated in the right way. On the one hand, severely sprained ankle must be treated with medicine and hospital care, a mild one, on the other hand, can be easily cured at home with some simple tips

3 effective home remedies for sprained  ankle:

In this article, we will point out 3 typical home remedies with different tips to reduce the painfulness from Sprained ankle without adverse effects. However, remember to pay attention to your ankle situation. If it’s too serious and in the case of the sprain also affects your bone, home remedies cannot be a completely magical way. Let look through all the tips below and take this article as an informative source to erase simple ankle sprain situations at home.

1. Using Ice cube instead of eucalyptus oil

Some people just have a big mistake about eucalyptus oil benefits because it only cures external pain like a bruise or a headache and keeps your body warm during a common cold. It definitely can not cure joint or ligaments pain. Besides, it gives out some side effects when applying to the sprained area, making it swelling and the situation may be getting worse.

However, a natural way to reduce suffer quickly from the sprained ankle at home is using ice. In this case, some remedies contain warm features such as garlic, ginger and eucalyptus oil are not their business. In contrast, ingredients with cold properties/features can do the right thing.

So what’s ice role here? Basically, an Ice cube in the urgent situation can help to stop bleeding, prevent ligaments from inflammation and tighten it into your joints. Therefore, for some mild sprained ankle cases, it can immediately reduce swelling. Ice cube is the best first aid decision for severe cases as well. That’s why you can see in a football competition when there’s a player being injured, they spray cold water/foam directly into the ankle. We should keep applying ice cubes on the ankle areas for 3 consecutive days for a complete recovery


  • One cup of Ice cube
  • A small towel


  • First, take a wrap of these ice cube by a small towel.
  • Second, apply to the ankle area for 15 minutes, we can see the swelling area will be getting better
  • Then, repeat this process every 3 hours.
  • We can use alternative ingredients if the ice cube is not available, a cold bottle of water or a package of ice cream is an example.


  • Never place directly those ice cubes on affected skin, which might cause cold burn due to your skin sensitiveness at that time.

2. Turmeric powder paste

Turmeric powder is not only a good spice for the daily meal, a must-have ingredient for a curry dish, but also a master of pain reliever because it contains anti-inflammatory features. Turmeric does not stop its benefits there. Its powder has a huge effect on tissues and joints’ flexibility, then helps reduce painfulness quickly and heal the inside pain.


  • 2 teaspoons of Turmeric powder
  • Water
  • A clean cloth


  • First, create turmeric paste by adding water gradually, stir it well
  • Then, microwave the paste in 30 seconds
  • Apply this paste to the sprained area.
  • Take a bandage or cloth around sprained area
  • Let it sit for about 1.5 hours.
  • Rinse with warm water and repeat this method every day.
  • Add some lemon juice to the paste if it’s available

3. Arnica, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, And Lavender Oil

Arnica is normally used as the dried form to heal the pain. It contains helelanin which has anti-inflammatory properties so swelling and bruise can be effectively reduced. Besides, it can assist your joints, you muscles, make them strengthen and connect with each other smoothly.


  • 2 cups of dried Arnica flowers
  • 1 piece of beeswax
  • Peppermint oil and Lavender oil: a quarter of teaspoon
  • 2 cups of Coconut oil

How to make it:

  • First, crush dried arnica flowers.
  • Second, put crush flower into the Steam boiler, add 2 cups of coconut oil to cover the flowers.
  • Stir the mixture well several time and let it sit for a day. Heat it on the boiler with low temperature.
  • Turn off the boiler and wait for the mixture getting cool down.
  • Add one piece of beeswax, whisk the mixture until it is dissolved.
  • Cool it down and add lavender oil and peppermint oil.
  • Store in a jar and apply to the sprained ankle.

4. A mixture of olive and lemongrass oil

Containing so many beneficial properties such as analgesic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic compound, fungicidal… Lemongrass is well known in Oriental medicine to heal pain which is especially involved in muscles and bone pain. Additionally, lemongrass can regenerate new tissues and enhance the ability of connective ligaments. So this method is considered as an excellent way to treat an ankle sprain. Simple and readily prepared at home, nothing can rank first home remedy for the sprain if lemongrass ranks second. Nevertheless, one of its side effects is its hot features which can cause a rash on sensitive skin. So we need a kind of carrier oil to make it dilute and more gentle.

How to do:

  • Prepare 1 part of lemongrass oil in parallel with 4 parts of olive oil.
  • Mix them well and keep in a container for long use.
  • Apply to the sprained area and massage gently.
  • Repeat this process 4-5 times per day and be patient for 1 week.
  • It can be used to reduce ankle aches in general.

Source: https://authorityremedies.com/home-remedies-for-sprained-ankle/

Ashley Bennet

Ashley Bennet

My name is Ashley and I am a health consultant for over 3 years.