Top 10 Places in India To Enjoy Parties Like Never Before

We all love a good ‘ol party day. The best memories come from the craziest ideas. You’ll agree with me when I say, every city has a crazy party place
Connaught Place

We all love a good ‘ol party day. The best memories come from the craziest ideas. You’ll agree with me when I say, every city has a crazy party place where we can dance till we drop dead. The ambience of the place has a major role to play in one’s experience. In case you are a party person, you know how important that is.

This party season, head over to some of the most famous party spots in the country and have the time of your life. Here’s a round-up to guide you.

1. Delhi

The Capital of India can now be proudly touted as the party capital of India. With a mix of Indian and foreign nationals all over the city, say hello to a diverse crowd. You might be living under a rock if you’re not aware of the growing number of pubs, clubs, discs, open house cafes, etc. springing up in the city.

Confused about where to head to for a rocking time?

You have a plenty of options to choose from including GK, Hauz Khas, Connaught Place and so many others. Here are some of the localities we would recommend.

A) Hauz Khas-

As soon as you enter Hauz Khas, you can sense the party vibe. With pubs and nightclubs lined up along the way, you are spoilt for choice and deciding where to go is a big dilemma. Moonshine, Fork You and The Pink Room are a few of our favourites. Just head over to Hauz Khaz and thank us later!

B) Connaught Place-

Connaught Place isn’t the most famous for its nightlife but still has some of the most amazing pubs and bars lined up along with famous shopping brands. Connaught place is a mix of all the good things, right from street shopping to the most high end bars.

2. Bombay

Bombay or Mumbai is a HUGE city with population mostly consisting of the younger lot. People come to the city with many dreams in eyes. With a discrete set of people from around the country and world, Aamchi Mumbai is bound to have a crazy nightlife.

They say Mumbai is fast, but trust us; the nightlife is even faster; the city doesn’t like to sleep.

Colaba and Lower Parel are two of the areas we prefer for partying and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

A) Colaba-

If I talk about the most happening place in Bombay to party, it has to be Colaba. Plus, it is also a tourist hub, which we love. Colaba Causeway, which is the main street, is a great area to hang out in the evening and is nothing but a collection of some of the best bars, cafes and quality restaurants.

B) Lower Parel-


The central partying hub of Bombay has to be Lower Parel which is located just 20 minutes from Colaba.

Consisting of a variety of swanky lounges, EDM nightclubs and cool-drool restaurants, the place boasts of a younger, classier crowd.

3. Chandigarh

One of India’s most well planned cities, Chandigarh HAS to have some of the best pubs in town.

The city is going to surprise you with amazing party it offers.

Divided among several sectors, the city is beautifully lit at night. Some of our top picks include Sector 9, 22, 35 and 17.

A) Sector 9-

Head over to sector 9 because that is where most of the crowd is post 10:00 PM. The city has decade old pubs and even older. Some famous places are Nabobs and Miami, the must-visits at night.

B) Sector 17-

With a number of shoppers flocking the busy place every day, pubs and night party places were bound to open. A shopper’s hub, Sector 17 has everything one would ever need. Wanna shop and party? You know where to go.

4. Goa

The most awaited city is finally on the list. From the hip and happening beaches to super cool shopping lanes, Goa has everything that a party person would adore.

To be very frank, there is no particular party place in Goa, the entire city boasts of partyness, thanks to the lively crowd it is surrounded by.

Tito’s Lane-

One of the most popular party places in Goa is the Tito’s Lane which has some of the most amazing bars and pubs in the city. A visit to Goa without partying is a complete waste of time and resources.

If you are a party person, you are bound to love this place.


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5. Bangalore

Bangalore as you must know, is the technical hub of India, which is the reason that there are so many youngsters around the city. With such quantum of young crowd, the nightlife has to be killer!

The beer culture from the west has taken over the *hard-working* peeps of Bangalore and once the night sets in you can find the crowd heading to night parties.

A) UB City-

UB City

If you have some money to spare and want to enjoy a good night, UB City has to be your best place in Bangalore. Home to the super famous Sky Lounge, UB City is a must visit in case you want to see some of the best parties in town.

B) MG Road-

With over 50 pubs, MG Road sees a huge inflow of crowd once the office hours are done with. From the famous No Limmits bar to Sanctum to the Fusion Lounge, just enter MG Road to have a goog-good night!


And as they say, “Work Hard, Party Harder”, we’d say party hardest!

Sanya Sajjanha
Sanya Sajjanha

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