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If You Have Tobacco and Cigarette Addiction Follow Tips to Quit Smoking

Health Fitness sawoni 19 May 2018

Smoking is harmful. Needless to say, it’s injurious to your health. Cancer risk will always be there to those who smoke. Despite all that, people all over the world smoke as if it’s some kind of nirvana experience. Any form of tobacco addiction is hard to get rid of and perhaps this makes cigarettes tough to quit.

Here are we going to explain smoking or drug addiction and treatment either men or women. However, you could consult an expert, plan your quit and hopefully achieve the goal within few weeks or say, months. If you could manage that, there will be a healthy and enriching life waiting on the other side of the fence.

Here are some of tips to quit smoking;

Set your goal of quitting

To quit smoking, you got to have a certain plan in mind. Or, you have to go according to a goal if you aim to get rid of the bad habit of smoking. There should be a date in mind when you will be free of nicotine addiction and your steps should be based on that. With a proper plan of action, you can smoothen the natural way of quitting smoking.

See the positives

The quit can become amazingly easy if you could see the positives all the time after setting the plan in action. You should forget about the momentary kick or pleasure that a puff gives and rather look the plusses you would achieve with the act. From health, energy, money, self-confidence… … you stand to gain a lot by ditching smoking and you just have to keep reminding yourself about that.

Face the withdrawal with a cool approach

Withdrawal symptoms will be there when you have quit smoking. This is a period when you will crave for cigarettes but you have to see it through anyhow. There won’t be any pain or anxiety attack; rather, the mind will wander to the thoughts of pleasure you have make it accustomed to. The withdrawal can pass quickly than you’d expect and once to manage that step confidently, you will be as good as non-smoker thenceforward.

Change your schedule and curb your triggers

For smokers, it’s always a challenge to alter their schedule which keeps them stuck in the rut. Without doing that, how can you curb the triggers? Well, you should start doing something you did not before; change the activities of the past; meet up with new people; stay positive about life and don’t let the thought of smoking cross your mind. If you could manage the triggers, the battle is already won on your part.

Never take to substitutes

Many smokers do this mistake and find themselves at back to square one. After all, what purpose of quitting one form when you take to another? You must stay away from gums, patches, e-cigarettes or anything similar that works as an alternative to smoking. Even these stuff have nicotine although in low amount but they can get you addicted as well. So, never take the alternate route if you have quit smoking.

Avoid the trap of one-last cigarette

Why to think of one last cigarette when you have already become a non-smoker. You don’t need that as you are already on a different route. There will always be that urge to light one last time but you have to resist that. Plus, never carry a packet with you as this would mean doubting your decision and not coming to terms with your non-smoking existence.

Enjoy the freedom of a non-smoker

There are certain luxuries in life that only non-smokers enjoy. They feel confident, they are always upbeat, their appearance is vibrant and they can sit calm for hours on end. Plus, such people lead the life without any health worries and enjoy the riches along the way. You too could join them but only after quitting the bad habit of smoking.

Aim to flaunt your pearly white teeth to the world

Smokers do have the need to hide away their teeth and smile from the world. With prolonged smoking, their teeth get stained and discolored beyond treatable limit. They also carry the risk of dental decay. On the other hand, non-smokers are free from such miseries and can live life to full. You also won’t need to visit best dentist in flushing NY for whitening or other similar cosmetic procedures.



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