All around the world, thousands of markets have millions of tents, and an Arabic tent still lists at the top position and astonishing part of Arabic tents.

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Every App Developer Should Think on This Idea

Everyday, App And Website Developers Are Working On Unique Concept. But Do You Ever Think About This Kind Of Awesome Concept
Humour Tech Update Preeti Mishra 7 February 2017

Just think once , if you purchase Rs. 15 thousands’ sherwaani or Lahanga in your marriage then what you’ll do of these precious and costly dresses in future?

Maximum time, people do something and then they say what if it’s not happened .. Our life will be more beautiful. What if I didn’t purchase this cloth for my marriage? What if I didn’t eat any junk food? What if I didn’t love anyone? What if someone come and say me It was FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE..

Yes, it’s awesome idea na ? Now AIB(All India Bakchod) are giving an awesome idea of new concept app, named fevent , in which everything you can create fake only. You can create fake event, you can purchase fake items, you can eat fake. I think, every App developer should Applaud on this idea.  Watch this video.


Preeti Mishra

Preeti Mishra

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