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Taaza Tadka

The Untold Story of The Cloud Seeding Operation and Precipitation

Cloud seeding operation means – 'It is an artificial technique using which moisture present in the cloud is induced with an intention to create rain'
Information Taaza Tadka 24 November 2019
The Untold Story of The Cloud Seeding Operation and Precipitation

Cloud Seeding Operation Means – ‘It Is An Artificial Technique Using Which Moisture Present In The Cloud Is Induced With An Intention To Create Rain’

A lot is being said and assumed about cloud seeding, thus it is imperative to have a detailed analysis on this matter. Starting with what does cloud seeding operation means – “It is an artificial technique using which moisture present in the cloud is induced with an intention to create rain. With due research and development, a number of methods have been introduced by the concerned weather and meteorological departments 

Explaining the processes of cloud seeding 

  • Static – This method involves the presence of silver iodide, which is a chemical. You must be thinking why to use this element for cloud seeding. It is because the main ingredient to create rain, i.e., moisture, is already there in the rain, and silver iodide is responsible for bringing the rain out by dispensing it out. The chemical will react with condensed moisture, and rain will be the outcome. 
  • Dynamic – In this method, ice crystals and vertical air currents are passed into the cloud, which initiates the process of rain. It is a rigorous process and considered more complicated than the earlier one. It is because; the result depends on the various stages and is uncertain as well. 
  • Hygroscopic – In this method, the lower portion of the cloud is connected with salt. The time process starts, the size of the salt increases, and slowly, the water will unite with it. Comparing this method with the earlier ones, this method is the most trusted and promising one.

Are any countries using the technique of cloud seeding?

The respond to this question might astound you. Until now, around 56 countries have already used the technique, and others are planning to give it a try too. 

  • China – cloud seeding is being used in this country for fighting against the most dangerous element of these days’ life, which is commonly known as pollution. It tried the technique in the year 2008 during the Summer Olympic, and the results were terrific. The problem of pollution has subsided, and the country has now good access to rainfall too. 
  • United States of America – Here, in this location, the cloud seeding technique is used to gain snow falls on an occasional basis. It can be said as the modification process of weather, so both the environment and population are being benefited.
  • UAE – The first country in the whole Persian Gulf to use this awesome technique of Cloud Seeding for artificial raining. This technology is adopted by UAE, in 1990s. Abu Dhabi or Dubai rain is not a usually happened thing there. At this time they are using it to boost ground water supply as this country is a tropical country.
  • India – The country is planning to use cloud seeding operations to curb the problem of pollution in Delhi. There is no doubt that the capital city is in danger, and if proper methods are not taken, the outcome will be severe and harsh. 

These were some of the major countries that have either planned for using this artificial rain technique or have already used it. Apart from them, Australia, Spain, and France have also taken efforts in trying the methods of cloud seeding and are expecting good results. 

Is the process of cloud seeding effective and natural? 

The weather system has been modified until the time human has started their life on the planet earth. From that day, everything is being changed, and its impact can be seen in the weather. From burning trees to coal, the climate has always suffered both its positive and negative aspects. Also, whether the concept of cloud seeding operation is natural or not, it totally depends on where it is being executed along with the type of operation as well. The use of ice crystals, sodium iodide, and salt are considered natural as these elements get overshadowed or auto shacked in the air on its own.

Why opt for cloud seeding?

The most significant benefit of using cloud seeding operation is access to rain. It is very clear that the planet has been suffering from the presence of pollution. The layers are now covered with carbon, and there is an obvious hole in the ozone layers too. Seeing these things together, the situation now demands for rain and only rain. When the topic of rain comes in the picture, the next thing coming in mind is the farmers. With no rain, there will be no agriculture, and this might be the future if cloud seeding is not taken into consideration.

This technique will assist the weather for only good reasons. Every country out in the world is on the verge of weather problems, and if measures are not taken, drought or other natural calamities will pop out for sure. To save the earth, nature needs to be watered, and the weather requires management that can only be performed with a cloud seeding technique only. 

The economy of any country is closely associated with its farmer or agricultural. If the nature of rain has become normal, then it is evident that the land will grow good quality crops in abundance. The problems of crop sickness or its damage will decrease, and in the coming days, it will totally reach to an end. Along with this, it will lead to businesses like exports. Along with this, it will also lead to tourism, which is undoubtedly the most profit-making sector of any country. 

Are there any shortcoming of cloud seeding?

The method of cloud seeding operation is highly developed, but it too comes with some dark shadows or in simple words drawbacks.

The technique involves harmful chemicals that can destruct the environment if it becomes a habit to use it. The presence of silver iodide is negligible, but who knows the future. The efficiency of this technique is still to be proven, and so it is too early to judge its benefits or success ratio. Though the process is helping in adjusting the weather conditions but there are chances that the environment will suffer in the negative way as well. 

The idea ofcloud seeding is new and innovative, and hereby, it is being accepted by most of the leading nations. But the verdict concerning this technology is hard to give now as it depends on how nature is reacting towards it in the coming days.