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Full Guidelines To Planning A Successful Fashion Event

Fashion Lifestyle sawoni 5 July 2018

There are times when we visit art galleries, attend exhibitions and feel motivated to do something creative. And then there are times when we visit some galleries and attend some exhibitions and are stunned by the beauty of it. That is time when the event manager has done his job by perfection and manage a successful fashion event. It is when you see something breath-taking and are lost in admiration rather than the thought of re-creating it, that you truly find something worth your time.

Such is the world of Fashion. The industry never fails to stun you in its own ways, be it the clothing, the themes, or simply the invites, you can always expect something great from it. There is a quote by Wolfgang Joop, a famous German fashion designer which speaks exactly what fashion wants to convey of.

He says,

“Fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy, it is not about rules”

Now this is a well-established fact that the fashion industry is they fastest changing industry in today’s time and if you wish to survive in the industry, you have to maintain the same pace. With the designers coming up with new collection every three to four months as against their earlier cycle of two collections a year, it is a huge challenge even in the world of event production.

The event manager has to come up with so many new themes and event plans and that too in a very short period of time. They have to think outside the box to ensure that the guests experience something new.

There are various aspects to planning a fashion event and each of these aspects have to be pulled off together to make it a successful event.

Things that you need to keep in mind before an event production:

1. Set a budget

 The first step while planning an event is to set a budget, a realistic budget. The budget decides the extent of your extravaganza at the event. You can calculate the amount you wish to pitch into the event and coordinate with the sponsors for more accordingly.

2. Deciding the theme

This step plays a very important role in the event production. The theme has to not only be in accordance with the show but also be a replica of the designer’s philosophy. The designer speaks only and only through his collections and his event, and in no point during the event can we lose that essence.

The theme also plays a vital role in deciding the sponsors for your event. For Example, if the theme of your event is going to be about recycling and sustainability, charitable organization supporting the cause become your first choice of sponsors.

3. Selecting a team for the event

 The people working for the event are as important as any other step. These people would play a huge role in how the event turnout to be, therefore their selection becomes a sensitive matter. These people have to be carefully selected and then assigned into different teams to pull the event of without any interference and details.

4. Location

Once the teams are made, we can now get to deciding the ideal location for the event in accordance to the budget and the theme of the event. Another major consideration for the location, especially for fashion events is the seasons. The designers launch their collection in accordance with the season and that should be reflected in the event too.

5. Decor

Once the theme, budget and location is done, the major concentration has to be on the decor for the event. Both the inside and the outside of the venue has to reflect the ideology behind the collection and the event and the event manager has to mind map everything and come up with a decor that fits everything. The decor includes the colour scheme, the lighting, the fabrics used, music and everything in the room broken down to the smallest of the details.

6. Invites

Once the event is finalized, you work on the guest list and start sending out the invites. The invites are the first impression of your event and they have to be like a trailer to the event. Your invite should speak about what the event has to offer to the audience.

These are the main steps that you need to focus on during the event production. But planning and managing is a huge task and a list to five to ten jobs cannot specify the amount of work and pressure that the event managers have to go through, right from the beginning of it. They are aware of the challenges that would be coming their way and they live by the saying,

”Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”       -Jamie Paolinetti.



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