The Fat Fashion Guide and Crucial Tips for Big Men

Fat Fashion Guide for Big Men

You can’t do anything about your big size, but you can certainly do something about your big clothes. I am the fashion editor for company of waist cincher, and I am going to give you a few tips and fat fashion guide for big men on how to make the most of what you have.

You know as a big guy that as soon as someone looks at you they have made a decision about you and your lifestyle, and it’s nearly always going to be negative. Most people will think you’re sloppy, untidy and eat junk food, that’s why you need to portray a different perspective of yourself. Remember you can control your image!

As a starting point, you need to get your clothes to be a good fit, no matter how big you are the fit is so important,

I also suggest you keep your clothing simple such as no clashing colors or patterns,  so you can attract attention to yourself by doing this.

Also using lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen are always a good idea, you need to get a better understanding of what fabrics work for you, what makes you perspire more? What fabrics do you actually find comfortable when you wear them?

First tips:

Try wearing braces rather than a belt, if you think about it, the biggest part of your body is your middle section i.e. your tummy, so you are going to wear a belt constraining all of this and trying to hold your trousers up, a pair of braces either clip on or button on will release all of this tension, also when you sit down, a tight belt can be almost unbearable for a big guy, this means you can actually wear a pair of trousers with a little more room in them, that are not straining to burst in every direction, So let your shoulders take the strain and not your middle.

Second tips:

Try and always wear an open collar, a collar with the top button done up will always make your neck look fatter than it actually is, if you have to wear a tie for work make sure you get a shirt which is half an inch bigger and a fatter knotted tie will always look better than a thin knot. We sell ties that are extra-long, so you can make a nice thick Windsor knot and still have sufficient length to go over your belly. You can go through one piece swimsuits shop for cute swimsuit once you really think about your body and look.

Third tips:

Wearing a hat shouts confidence, standing tall with your shoulders back and wearing a hat will always make you look good and confident and also the hat will make you look taller, and less round.

Forth tips:

If you work in any trade i.e building, carpentry, engineering, then you really need to think about overalls, because people do not want to see a classic builders crack every time you bend over, this happens every time you bend in the middle, the back of your trousers will slip down no matter how tight the belt you wear is. Overalls are a great idea and again your shoulders will take the weight making your working life much more comfortable. Overalls are available right up to 9XL, so there really are no excuses. You can search from Google for big size overalls and will be provided you a more streamlined look and settle the bending over a problem.

These are a few tips to get you started, I will be writing more tips over the next few weeks, so good luck.