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TeamIndus Sole Indian Team To Participate In Google LUNAR XPRIZE

Google Lunar Xprize Also Referred As ”Moon 2.0”, Will Offer US $30 Million To The Winner. TeamIndus Lead By Rahul Narayan

TeamIndus with no aerospace experience nodded to raise the head of India, by participating in GOOGLE LUNAR XPRIZE. Google Lunar Xprize also referred as ”Moon 2.0”, will offer US $30 million to the winner.

TeamIndus lead by Rahul Narayan is an optimistic group of people claiming to win the prize.

GOOGLE LUNAR XPRIZE is presented by Xprize Foundation and sponsored by Google. The objective is to inspire the imagination of the next generation and, arouse a desire in young and energetic coming generation in Space Technology.

To bag the prize the privately funded teams must successfully land their spacecraft on the Moon’s surface, send H.D Videos, Images and data back to Earth, and should travel 500m.

TeamIndus likely to launch its spacecraft aboard the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) as contract with the ISRO is already announced for a historic moment and a bid to bag Google Lunar XPRIZE.