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Symptoms of damaged retina | What do retina surgeons do?

Health Fitness Ritu 27 March 2019

Retinal detachment is a common problem that people are suffering today. It can be caused due to injury or with the passing of the age.  There are a number of reasons that cause damages to the retina, and if not taken care on time, the results can be severe. Also, if the problem continuous it can result in loss of complete vision of oneself too.

So, to help you with the right knowledge, here we are listing down the symptoms or retinal damage. Keep a close check on the symptoms listed below –

Symptoms of damaged retina

  • Cobwebs and floating specks appearing suddenly
  • Shadow appearing in the vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Reduced and lost vision
  • Difficulty in side vision
  • Double vision
  • Halo coming up in the presence of light
  • Developing blind spot
  • Quality of vision decreasing

Note – Retinal damage does not result in pain. Thus, reach out to your nearby Retina surgeons in Hyderabad for instant support and treatment.

What do retina surgeons do?

Retinal surgeons are responsible for curing retinal damages.

Eye examination –

Retina specialists, checkS the eye after going through a complete eye examination. They use highly advanced equipments and technologies to perform detailed inspection and examination of the eye. It helps in analyzing the retina and the core problem behind it. It is the first stage to identify the level of retina damage.

Curing Eye cavity –

Retinal detachment is a significant concern to worry about, and the eye cavity is also a reason behind it. Thus retina specialists perform the check of cavity present in the eye. It blocks the retina and reduces the vision by time too. Tools used for this treatment are microscopes and laser technology.

Cancer cure –

Retinal surgeons also cures the problem of cancer in the eye. Cancer is a disease which is not spared any body part, and even eye has come into the clutches with the same. Retina surgeons’ also takes care of the muscular degeneration and age relating issues which are known for the main reasons behind cancer.

Surgery –

If retinal damage is not identified on time then it would be difficult to cure the problem too. And in most of the case, retinal surgery is the only solution left behind to perform. The retina specialists control the deterioration, damages of the retina and retinal detachment.

Retina error –

One of the primary reasons for resulting in retinal damage is diabetes. It further causes a retinal error in simple term. The surgeons will perform in avoiding the complications caused due to such issues. They will diagnose the retina error and restoration treatment.

These were the treatments provided by retinal surgeons to cure damage of retina and retinal detachment. So, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above then make sure to reach out to the retina specialist. Here you will get instant support and high-class treatment from the best and experienced retina experts.



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