Springlr: Freedom To Manage Your Own Audience and Event Tickets

Springlr Freedom To Manage Your Own Audience and Event Tickets
Name: Kamlesh Meghwal
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.springlr.com/
Designation: Founder
Founder Name: Kamlesh Meghwal
Founder Year: 2017
Country: India
Investor Detail: Kamlesh Meghwal
Contact Detail: 9591730840

Springlr is an Indian startup incepted in 2017 by a travel enthusiast Kamlesh, to bring a hassle-free online ticketing. We bring new audiences to events and new events to relevant audiences.

Springlr is a do-it-yourself platform to revolutionize online ticketing. We provide organizers with a unique platform to create or sell ticket of any kind of events such as trips, travel, activities, meetups etc. Within a minute, they can have their own event page for marketing and promotion and all for free of cost. Organizers will have freedom of managing their event tickets, audiences without any intervention.

We are trying to solve two pain points people normally face:

1. A platform which provides them all the events such as trips, sports activities, marathons, concerts, meetups, conferences happening around. If they are interested in any of them, how would they attend it? Where they can get the tickets, how many people are attending it, what all activities or arrangements provided by the organizers.

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2. Imagine planning a trip, but no-one is there to accompany you. How about planning with some random stranger for a new kind of experience. What about hosting an event of your own and letting others to be part of it. How about selling tickets online?

Springlr is bootstrapped right now with initial fundings from Kamlesh which is sufficient enough to grow the company in the initial phase.

We are open to investments.

Obviously, if an organizer is hosting an event, he/she expects it to have large user engagement. Our platform will provide them with that user engagement and in turn, if we charge 1%, then that will not affect their business compared to the ROI that we are giving them. Any event in the world needs users to be successful and we will provide them with that user base. Apart from paid events, we also provide them with an option to have free events which increase our organizers trust in us.