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Way2News : News that is relevant for a billion Indians

Way2News is addressing the demand for reliable and accessible news content by providing news that is both personalized and tailored to the user’s interest.

The rise of digital platforms for news consumption has caused changes in the regional news ecosystem, leading to a focus on curated news content in multiple languages that reflects changing consumer habits toward staying informed about local events. Hyperlocal news remains important, but few news platforms offer relevant content for locals.

How is Way2News addressing this?

With an aim to make every Indian an informed citizen and deliver news that is more inclusive to the underserved, Way2News is addressing the demand for reliable and accessible news content by providing news that is both personalized and tailored to the user’s interest. The platform delivers news in 8 local languages using advanced technology that caters to the regional markets, beyond districts to villages and mandals. By providing authentic, unbiased, and hyperlocal news, Way2News is disrupting the way regional news is curated and delivered.

With this as background, Mr. Raju Vanapala will be happy to share his thoughts on 

  • Way2News’ journey since inception

  • Overview of the current business: Growth Numbers, user base, languages, markets 

  • Regional news ecosystem in India and where how technology has disrupted it

  • Trends in regional news consumption 

  • The online news ecosystem conundrum

  • Way2News differentiator: How Way2News stands out by curating and delivering authentic, unbiased & relatable news by harnessing the power of AI and human intelligence 

  • Future Plans and Vision

We look forward to your interest in taking this forward.

About Way2News

Way2News is a hyperlocal news platform that aims to revolutionize the digital news landscape in India. The platform offers short, relevant, and reliable news stories extending beyond districts to villages and mandals in their local language from trusted local sources. Founded in 2015 by Mr. Raju Vanapala, the news app aims to inform and empower every Indian with the latest news in real-time, using artificial intelligence based on language and preference. Way2News stands apart from other news platforms due to its inclusivity, offering citizens a dynamic and engaging news experience that caters to their diverse interests. The platform provides accurate and unbiased news updates, following strict editorial guidelines and utilizing advanced technology and artificial intelligence. 

Mr. Raju Vanapala Founder & CEO, Way2News

A first-generation entrepreneur, Raju Vanapala is the founder of Way2News, a hyperlocal news app. As a leader in the digital news space, he has set a
high bar for entrepreneurship in India with his vision, talent, and unwavering dedication. Having an unflinching obsession with innovation in the web and mobile spaces, he began ‘Way2Online Interactive India Pvt Ltd’ in 2004. Way2Online ran the country’s largest consumer messaging portals, way2sms.com and 160by2.com, and amassed over 45 million users, making it one of India’s most successful internet start-ups. Keeping up with changes in the mobile world and carrying over the ethos, Raju founded Way2News in 2015, recognizing the need for a hyperlocal news platform that caters to a diverse population in their local language. His expertise in artificial intelligence and his vision for creating a more democratic media landscape have been instrumental in making Way2News a success.

Today, Way2News has become one of India’s largest digital news platforms, delivering real-time news in eight local languages. The platform’s AI-driven technology and citizen journalism have revolutionized the way people consume news. The app has more than 10 million downloads and close to 4 million daily visitors. Raju strives to make Way2news an everyday product in the lives of his consumers. With his vision of using technology to create news that shapes the future of the industry, Raju aims to bring disruption and make news more inclusive for the underserved. His goal is to empower every citizen by giving them a voice and using the power of AI to create a news industry that caters to the larger India and not just a select few. With Raju’s leadership, Way2News is becoming a driving force in the industry, creating a platform where every citizen can be heard and have access to unbiased, relatable, and reliable news.

Rupanjali Upadhyay

Rupanjali Upadhyay

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