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अshक : the Hidden Emotions | Great Exposure For Secret Artists


Everyone has a talent which is born by their birth, the only thing is you have to dig it out from the person and show it to the rest of the world. अshक : the Hidden Emotions or formally teamashk___ has taken up this liability to let the people take out their hidden talents and present it in front of the world.

The vision as far is to provide the best platform to the youngsters as well as to the senior section of the society whether it is in poetry, stories, comedy, quizzing, or anything else of their interest. Not only this, they want to utilize the money gathered from their concerts to organize the same for free of cost to the orphanage children in future and if possible in future to establish an NGO also.

The story of our team @teamashk___

The best thing about this community is that each and every member of the team is very down to earth and you can speak freely to them, even with the founder also. So lets have some glimpses of the team members.


Your work should speak about your personality, says the founder of ashk: the hidden emotions.

“The idea to start this platform was very interesting. I was obsessed that I have to something of my own, something through which I can be renowned by! I started attending open mics and one day I thought why don’t we organize it and provide a single platform for different talents”.

For her channelizing the path towards success is more important than being a successful entrepreneur. She talked to her friends and they began their journey of ashk: the hidden emotions. There were many difficulties because studying in Under Graduate and organizing an event is not just a cup of tea. People also taunted that there is no scope of all these, what will you do after this? But as we all know that “it always seems impossible until it is done” so these guys have worked really hard to get the sweet taste of success. Wish that they always get ahead to it.


She is a very soft hearted lady and a good friend of Siddhima also. She says that success is when your attitude changes into your personality but the attitude should be positive! She loves to write since childhood and always wanted a platform so that people could hear her words and understand her thoughts. When the founder asked her for teaming up and organizing their own open mic she instantly said “I am ready”. She belongs to science stream and has a good intellect also.

She said that organizing the open mic wasn’t that easy for us because there were already many hubs for the same but we wanted to do something unique and completely different from the rest.

 She further added that

“Our vision for teamashk___ is that in future we want to provide a wide range of platform to the people from the literature to the science world. Though we have successfully launched it, still we wish for the best in future so that we can make our promises”.

Wishing all the best to the team!


The story of her connection to the team is quite very normal. She said that one day her friend updated a status about ashk and she asked that what this is. You didn’t tell me about this! Then she got to become a member of the team. According to her, ashk is like another family apart from her biological family and from the very beginning she always wanted such platforms where she can speak up.

She said,

”As we were very new to all this we had to manage everything without anyone’s support and guidance, sometimes we had to face many disputes among the team member also for agreeing to a particular decision but at the end we come up with the best solution, we had to face tough competitions from other hubs also but still we managed it all successfully and proved it rightly that how a general hobby of a person can become a beautiful startup. The best thing is that we have a very strong bond and the same Moto that is to lead ashk above all.”

“Just wish we succeed in our mission and make Benares proud”.


He is a fun loving person and says that

“life hasn’t been very smooth and on the same time I have never complained about it”. The journey of the connection started when his friend Mansi called him and said – Vishal I am adding you in the group and the rest you will get to know by yourself”.

And he has become one of the backbones of the team. According to his team, Vishal is a very responsible man and we completely rely on him for everything. He has a good quality of leadership and also organizes events successfully. He has also face many struggles like being a managing director he has to manage everything but in the same time he has to handle his studies also. He said that “the major concern for me was that whether anyone will sponsor us or not? Would we be able to stand up and create a unique position or not. But for me teamashk___ is like my second family. We fight, we argue but we listen to give the world what we have seen for them.

He further added that “my vision for ashk is very simple- jaan hai ye aur isse anant se bhi aage le Jana hai…!”

We wish goodluck for the bright future.


Shivam is currently doing LLB and he joined  the team through siddhima. He said that,

“One day his childhood friend siddhima called him and said yaar khud to bahut participate kar liya dusro ke pages par bahut likh liya ab khud ka kuch karna hai”.

After that he got added to the team and gave the name ashk: the hidden emotions. So the journey of ashk began with a small WhatsApp group. It gives a great feeling in being the executive head of such a team which give opportunity to the hidden talents, he said.

He further added that initially people will only see your negativeness and criticism you ignoring your positive side and unfortunately we have faced the same but once you are established no one will ever talk about your failure and drawbacks.

Until we meet again …❤️…..By @shivam_singhrishivanshi…Follow us @teamashk___ .. ..#writersofinstagram…

अshक : the Hidden Emotions ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಸೋಮವಾರ, ಜುಲೈ 2, 2018

We just wanted to take our team to such great heights where it can provide the platform to others to share their struggles which has lead to their success. The name of our community has the same logic behind, ashk means tears and the tears itself enroll lots of hidden emotions which are unsaid many times. So we just wish that we can successfully provide the platform for the same and that’s why we are “ashk: the hidden emotions”.


This is Lokesh Jena another important team member. His journey with the team also started with the childhood friend siddhima who called up and said that she is interested in organizing her own event.

He said,

“Being a member of such a family is an honor but on the same scale I personally have faced many problems. We used to hear negative things from other groups that ab ye bhi aagye, various time we get demotivated also and even thought of giving up but thanks to our supporting and encouraging team who always reminded that nothing is more powerful than your will power to achieve. On this beautiful journey I made many special friends such as Mansi, Vishal, Pragya, and Zarfi. But the best thing is that we never lost our hope and with that we are here now”.

Cheers to this team strength.


She is having very sweet voice and also takes charge of organizing things. She became a part although a sudden when she helped in organizing the launch event. Her vision is slightly different that she wanted teamashk___ to spread not only in India but abroad also. People like her definitely lead to success of the community.


Meet another event manager of teamashk___. She has a beautiful and charming personality and her “Urdu alfaaz” is just awesome. She has a very positive attitude towards everything and many times guides the team not to lose the hope and cheer up for the upcoming success.

Her vision is to provide this golden platform to those who can’t afford the expensive concerts and even don’t know what’s the right platform for them. We wish goodluck for them.

So guys, what I say are stop worrying and wandering about just grab this platform to showcase your hidden talents and we will be coming up with more and more different events for you all.

We wish for the best results and success of teamashk___ and seek your love and blessings. STAY CONNECTED.

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