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Major Reasons of Poor Dental Health and What About Oral Care

You just can’t afford poor dental health. It could lead to heart disease. And in extreme cases, it may cause strokes. The health of your teeth and gums is important in keeping your healthy overall. Because, there is a strong link between your dental health and overall health. For that reason, one should be careful about dental health and never allow it to deteriorate. Else, it might take quality out of life, leave with a bad smile and above all, dent facial glow. Due to your poor dental health, you may feel embarrassed in conversing with the people close to you.

Here are some of major reasons of poor oral health –

1. Lack of oral hygiene

Poor oral health is often the result of lack of proper oral hygiene. If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, or don’t floss it daily, it could affect your teeth and gums negatively. Not cleaning the tongue regularly, not rinsing the mouth after meals, not changing the brush every three four months, are some of other key reasons for poor dental health. Without caring for your teeth and gums, you just can’t hope to have maintain dental health. And you must understand that well.

2. Poor diet and bad food choices

Our diet has lot to do with our dental health. If we’re not judicious with what we eat, this might affect our oral health over time. Take for example, people who consume sugary items are more prone to cavities and teeth decay than the rest. Similarly, children who eat candies, toffees and chocolates without any control are at greater risk for dental health issues than the rest. Too much consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol etc. may also lead to poor oral health. So, be careful with what you eat as this will help you maintain optimum dental health.

3. Smoking and use of tobacco product

Tobacco in any form is bad for your dental health. It has harmful chemicals that leave behind stains. People who smoke or use tobacco product are at a greater risk of having poor dental health than others. If you smoke, this may make your teeth stained or discolored, and in some cases, help the growth of bacteria. Even alcohol consumption is bad for your dental health. So, if you want to maintain optimum oral health, it’s better to stay away from tobacco products in any form and follow oral care regularly.

4. Not following oral care etiquettes

Most people use a toothpaste that has no fluoride. Some even go on using the same toothbrush for months on end without bothering the effects frayed and worn out bristles have on the teeth and gums. To some, rinsing mouth after every meal appears a needless exercise while some find brushing at night with no benefits. You should also avoid brushing immediately after eating or drinking something acidic in nature. More so, drinking citric juices or sport drinks too can lead you to poor oral health. Well, you must follow oral care etiquettes else your teeth and gums might suffer in the long run.

5. No regular dental visits

Even if your teeth and gums look fine to you, this does not mean you miss regular dental visits. They are important as not all dental problems have signs and symptoms and some even develop inside without giving any warning. For that reason, you can visit a glen oaks dental office and get dental check-ups, oral exams and dental cleanings to stay on top of your dental health. When you are regular with dental visits, it helps you keep dental problems at bay, or not a minimum.



Mohd Rashid is a health blogger with specialization in dental health. He loves sharing information on oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry and other similar stuff from the domain. You can read his posts, feel enriched and find your next visit to glen oaks dental office even more rewarding.