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Taaza Tadka

Vibes and Belongingness- Repos Energy is High on its Values & Culture

Repos’ growth has been incredible. Amid ups and downs, bringing a change in the energy distribution system of India wasn’t an easy task at all.
Startup Taaza Tadka 27 February 2021
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Working in a company is not just about earning money. More and more job seekers today look at the work culture, colleagues, professional growth, and most importantly, gender neutrality – while considering a position in a company. Pune’s Repos Energy is all about this and much more.

 From giving away paternity leaves to allowing quick nap-time while at work or/and work from home, are some of the growing trends which are seen all across industries today. But all these aspects lead to a single aim – to keep the teams happy and retain them for as long as possible. With the team becoming the centre of importance for any company’s growth, Repos Energy – one of India’s fastest-growing energy distribution startups – has been taking multiple initiatives from the time of its inception to bring that captivating ecosystem in place.

 From a team of four to 400+ in four years, Repos’ growth has been incredible. Amid ups and downs, bringing a change in the energy distribution system of India wasn’t an easy task at all. But the founders of Repos, Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj made it a reality through their immense passion and positivity. And in their words, the onus of making this idea successful is on its team. “We are into the energy distribution sector and it is important for us as a team to be charged up and reach out to our customers across India. The factor that has always stayed with us since the beginning is the spirit of YES,” says Aditi.


 Based in a growing city such as Pune, Repos has the advantage of getting the potential team from a large pool of talent across the country. But to make your team understand your goals and walk on the same path as yours takes a lot of effort.  Explaining the same, Aditi shares that giving an easy-going environment is the key. The next important aspect which both Aditi and Chetan believe can do wonders is to encourage and let the team openly discuss their thoughts about the overall health of the organization and also the future prospects and possibilities.

 Repos energy believes in establishing clear and direct communication between different teams where new ideas are always welcome. Everyone is treated equally and is involved in all important decisions of the organization.

Having a rich experience of more than a decade in managing various businesses, Chetan has an equally incredible journey in building Repos’ work culture. “We firmly believe that every individual has a different role and responsibility to play which is to carry out in accordance with the urgency they demand. Hence personal and professional responsibilities are not separated into two different water-tight compartments and team members are encouraged to free themselves of the ordeal of trying to maintain a personal and professional life balance.”

As Repos strongly believes in equal opportunity for all, there is no discrimination between human beings, caste, creed, or sex. The company happily calls itself LGBTQ-friendly and gender-neutral.

Leadership is another virtue that is tremendously respected at Repos. The interview process is carefully designed to assess the ‘Repos fit’ qualities in any candidate. “It is a criterion that helps us get an idea to understand if a candidate has the required qualities or can be aligned in a certain way to work at Repos,” Aditi adds.

Lastly, besides being high on values, there is an equal amount of importance given to performance and growth in the organization. The team starts their day with meditation, and every milestone is celebrated with a mediation session as a practice set by the founders.