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100+ Fresh Startup Submission Sites List 2019 To Submit Your Startup

Startup Preeti Mishra 10 December 2018

One of the most opt asked questions from the startups in India that how to grow their business and how to promote?The most relevant answer by a digital marketing expert is ‘link building’. Now the thing you should know that, there are a lot of  social media, directory submission and bookmarking platforms. Experts advice for genuine link building on non-PBN guest blogging sites and some of the best startup submission sites. So, if you are Startup and want to boost your business then this article is for you.

Outgoing trend of startup directory submission sites?

In the earlier two years startup directory submission sites was avoided by many people looking to arise their website. Why so? It is just because Google penalised many of the websites that used tricks of directory submission to exploit their websites’ ranking.

Now you should know why Google did so?

Main duty of Google is to show relevant and quality results on the top of the google ranking. Many of the people started their PBN sites just to make money in the network. They never work for google search. Second thing, as they know old algorithm of google increase ranking of the URL which has more external links. Thus, they started giving external links to the websites and increase their own traffic. A traffic means a lot for Google AdSense, Yahoo , Chitika, Adversal and many of the advertisement sites.

This money making trick is worthy for directory submission sites. Also it was giving multiple benefits to client sites. For this, most of the directory submission sites are ready to add irrelevant links too. Human started making fool Google by creating multiple bogus links. For Google an irrelevant link is not worth and also reduce search result quality of the google.

Thus, Google picked it up quickly and changed the algorithm.  Algorithm coded to check a websites’ back-links properly. Google has also banned many of the PBN directory submission sites blow down the quality of the google search result.

Google never give value to a website with lower links and irrelevant submission.

Is Google banned directory submission?

No. Google never banned directory submission. Google just changed the algorithm so that SEO person can strictly follow the rules and don’t create irrelevant backlinks. You can still submit your startup as directory but need to review a proper directory submission site. It should not be a PBN site.

What is the solution for Startup submission?

Submitting your startup in an irrelevant directory will never work for google and Moz. You need to go with some quality and genuine startup submission sites in 2019. I’ve tried to find out some of the best free startup submission sites you can go without any worry.

So avoid PBN and let’s have a quality and genuine linking for your startup website.

S. No.Domain NameStartup Submission URL
2Submit Your Startuphttps://submityourstartup.com/
3Hackers Newshttps://news.ycombinator.com/submit
4Spring Wisehttps://www.springwise.com/tipus/
5All Top Start-Upshttps://alltopstartups.com/submit-startup/
6Startup Rankinghttps://www.startupranking.com/login
7Startup Buzzhttps://www.startup-buzz.com/submit-startup/
10Tech Fasterhttp://techfaster.com/submit-your-company/
11My Startup Toolhttps://mystartuptool.com/users/register_login.php
13Your Storyhttps://accounts.yourstory.com/users/sign_in
14Designer Newshttps://www.designernews.co/
15Rate My Startuphttp://ratemystartup.com/submit-your-startup/
17Taaza Tadkahttps://www.taazatadka.com/submit-your-startup-story/
18Startup Tabhttps://startuptabs.typeform.com/to/S8R5So
19Superb Crewhttps://www.superbcrew.com/join-us/
20Skill Infinityhttps://skillinfinity.com/user/register
21Two Point Zerohttp://webdevtwopointzero.com/submit-a-site/
22Startup Benchmarkhttps://www.startupbenchmarks.com/startups/
24The Tech Maphttps://www.thetechmap.com/Account/Login
25Know Startuphttp://knowstartup.com/submit-startup/
26Startup Inspirehttps://www.startupinspire.com/login
27Startup Tankhttp://startuptank.com/account/register
28Pre Fundiahttp://prefundia.com/about/
29Startup Boosterhttp://www.startupbooster.com/submit-site/
30The Startup Pitchhttps://thestartuppitch.com/post-a-pitch/
31Venture Binhttp://www.venturebin.com/submit-venture/
32Web Appraterhttps://webapprater.com/submit-your-web-application-for-review-html
34Top E-Commerce Startuphttp://topecommercestartups.com/submit-your-website/
35Startup Wizzhttp://www.startupwizz.com/submit-a-startup/
36Product Hunthttps://www.producthunt.com/
37Startup Tabshttps://startuptabs.typeform.com/to/S8R5So
38Startup Lifthttp://startuplift.com/submit-your-startup/
39Startup Seahttp://www.startupsea.com/p/submit-startup.html
40Serious Startupshttp://seriousstartups.com/about-us/
50Startup BZhttp://startups.bz/startup-directory/
51Startup Donuthttps://www.startupdonut.co.uk/contact-form
52Financial Posthttps://business.financialpost.com/category/entrepreneur/fp-startups
53Operation 6Fighttp://www.operation6fig.com/submit-a-start-up
54New Startuphttps://www.new-startups.com/promote-your-startup-company/
55Launching Nexthttps://www.launchingnext.com/submit/
56Killer Startupshttp://www.killerstartups.com/submit-startup/
57Tech Crunchhttp://info.techcrunch.com/SponsorshipsInterest.html
59Feed My Apphttps://feedmyapp.com/submit/
62Crunch Basehttps://www.crunchbase.com/register
63Cloud Show Placehttp://www.cloudshowplace.com/add-your-company/
65Beta Listhttps://betalist.com/submit
66Beta Kithttps://betakit.com/resources/canadian-startup-map/
67Beta Boundhttps://www.betabound.com/announce/
68Apps 400http://apps400.com/submit-your-application-for-review
69101 Besthttp://101bestwebsites.com/auth/login


So what are you waiting for? Go with these fresh list of startup submission sites in 2019 and boom your business in digital era.

Preeti Mishra

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