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Psychometric tests and How to Prepare for this

Health Fitness Amit Jat 29 March 2019

Psychometric tests are an objective way for recruiters and employers to measure the potentiality of candidates to perform well in a job role. Mainly recruiters studied your resume and qualifications and made a decision based on an interview. According to the research, it has been shown that actually, it is not a good way to pick the candidates that are going to be the best suitable for the job. Many employers use a combination of interviews, psychometric tests and assessments. The power of psychometric testing is that you could find a strong relationship between test scores with job performance. If your score is high in the test, then there will be a high chance that you will perform great in the job. As an employer, predictive qualities make psychometric tests very attractive. They can be even administered quickly and efficiently on a large scale and you could find that this test has become the norm mainly for graduate recruitment.

Understanding the Psychometric tests in Different Forms:

The term ‘psychometric test’ is an umbrella term that covers both the ability of testing and personality profiling. Focusing on the ability testing can provide you most advantage through practicing. Some of the most common types of psychometric tests are:

  • Personality questionnaire
  • Situational judgment test
  • Aptitude (or ability) test
  • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Critical thinking test
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning test

As a candidate, while you want to prepare for your career, the best way for your psychometric test is to do practice and find out more about it. Getting advice from experts on how to achieve your full potential for career assessment is always the right choice. This test is one of the important parts for most of the extensive career assessment counselor or centre where you can also get the access of doing group discussion or group exercise, situational judgement test and an in-tray exercise.

Employers are mainly using this test to measure the capabilities of the candidate or applicants, compare it with other candidates and find out the best suitable one among employer and employee. Employers love this test because it is a quick and effective way to pick the right candidate among the vast numbers of job applicants. However, candidates are less fond of such psychometric test but you don’t need to worry about this. Here are some top tips to make yourself confidence before giving the test.

Tips to Follow Before Giving Psychometric Test:

Study your invitation letter: Before taking the test, you must have given prior notice either through a letter or through email. Study the letter carefully and note down every important thing that they told you to bring with you. Now, if you are giving an online test, then you just provide a deadline within which you have to complete the test. If you are not able to complete it within the time, then talk to the employer and explain to them about your situation.

The invitation letter will tell you everything that you should know before the test, what will be tested on, why you are being tested and where they will use the results.

Take the Example Questions Sets:

There might be some short series of example questions with your invitation letter so that you can get an idea of what the test questions will be like. It is the best chance to familiarizing yourself with the psychometric type of test that you are going to give. If your invitation letter has not been included with example question, then there is no harm to ask about it to get the ideas. If possible, you can even search for the free question sets online to get an example and prepare yourself for this.

Find out the Psychometric Test Publisher:

The company where you applied for must outsource the design of the psychometric test to a special test publisher. There are several publishers existing in the market and each has a slightly different style. You can get some online reference link of well known psychometric test publishers and pay attention to the link you get to take your test and also the branding of any test material that you get as this will be the clue of the test publisher who is behind the set of questions of the psychometric test in which you are going to sit. As you find out the brand name of the publisher, directly go to their website to collect more information about them including specific test, time limitation, if there will be any negative marking, example set of questions and more.

Practice and More Practice:

For any test exams, practice can help you a lot. You could find lots of psychometric tests questions sets available in various books and online as well to practice. You can even take help of some well-known career counseling agencies like iDreamCareer to get proper guidance in such case. Practicing aptitude test of psychometric will help you became familiar with different types of questions being asked in the interview and reduce your anxiety level as well as increase your confidence level.