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Positive News To Look Upon Amid Coronavirus Outbreak In India

With Each Day Bringing More Coronavirus Cases In India And The News Of More People Dying, Citizens Are Bound To Get Depressed

The Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the country and is spreading fear and anxiety in the hearts of the population. The lockdown has worried people about their job security and futures, and they are eager for this pandemic to end. With each day bringing more Coronavirus cases in India and the news of more people dying, citizens are bound to get depressed. However, it is not true that there is no good news during this cursed time. This article is going to discuss some of the good news which has been coming from various parts of the country. 

Startup designs mini UV sterilizer

You might be anxious and always thinking that your mobile phone or even your keys were contaminated somehow, and now they contain traces of the Coronavirus when you returned from your recent shopping trip. An Ahmedabad based startup has risen to fight this problem with the help of a portable UV sterilizer. It is a device that is designed to eliminate any viruses and microorganisms on surfaces. It can be used to sterilize the belongings of people suspected to have Covid-19. Prasen Vinchukar made this excellent piece of innovation with his team at Red Carbon Technohub. Hindu rituals performed by Muslims to cremate a Bhavnagar woman.

A solid proof of humanity still existing in these tough times of pandemic was given when some members from the Muslim community made efforts for the cremation of an old Hindu woman in Bhavnagar. The woman named Ranjan Bhadreshwara lived with her two sons in the Gariyadhar town. Since her family could not be present to perform her last rites, her helpful Muslim neighbors took it upon their hands to complete the task strictly according to Brahman rituals.

Eleven-year-old girl donates pocket money and raises 9.2 lakh to provide relief to poor

A girl from Hyderabad had left everyone in shock and admiration when she gave away her entire pocket money along with funds she raised from her friends and family to help the poor who have been battered by the lockdown. She even ran an online campaign for the cause. All this at the age of just eleven. She designed supply kits for the needy by making a list of basic needs and how long it will take them to be exhausted for a four-member family. Ridhi Vangapally’s crowdfunding platform was successful in raising 6.2 lakh out of the total 9.2 lakh amount, which was collected. 

Rediscovery of the lost river: Vrishabhavathi

With the spread of Covid-19 in India, reports have been coming from all parts of the country of reduced pollution levels, migratory birds returning. Generally, the lockdown has had a positive impact on the environment. One such case is of the river Vrishabhavathi in Bangalore, which has changed its color to light green, and the frothing levels have been reduced. The water has become almost clear, with frothing reduced to more than ninety percent. The silk farmers living in the periphery of the river have also reported that the water quality has improved drastically.

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