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Milk rich products, The Most Preferred Non-Veg In India

One major factor which unites all Indians together is a liquid substance which we all know and love; this substance is none other than good old milk.
Health Fitness Dinesh Goswami 11 November 2019

One Major Factor Which Unites All Indians Together Is A Liquid Substance Which We All Know And Love; This Substance Is None Other Than Good Old Milk.

One major factor which unites all Indians together is a liquid substance which we all know and love; this substance is none other than good old milk. From the very beginning of our lives to the very end, milk is something that never leaves our side, and we’re quite proud of it.

The dairy industry in India is known for its milk rich products. But nowadays, people tend to believe what they shouldn’t, and this brings us to our first question “is milk really a non-vegetarian product?”

Is every type of milk nonvegetarian?

Milk, just like salt, is an essential commodity as it serves many purposes. Milk alone is responsible for the plethora of sweets we come across during a major festival. Its presence can be felt far and wide.

Breastfeeding is a topic upon which countless debates have been taking place, and these debates have a terrible habit of turning sour. But here’s a different take on the aforementioned question; milk, from any animal, will always be considered a nonvegetarian edible item; there’s no denying that fact.

Unfolding the nonvegetarian aspect of milk

From a technical point of view, anything which is derived from animals, be it meat, or even milk is categorized into the “nonvegetarian” side of the food table. But, milk is a holy commodity as even Gods enjoy a sip every morning. Then why is it not considered as a nonvegetarian edible item?

To answer this question, we need to understand the level of Indian hypocrisy. For the society, a person consuming eggs might be considered a sinner, but a person drinking milk daily would be given similar status like that of a true deity of God. The so-called vegetarians consume an animal product and label it a vegetarian thingy even if their logic defies the existence of technicality in the first place. 

Why is the nonvegetarian side overshadowed?

Milk contains a plethora of nutrients that help in the development of the body, hence making it strong and resistant towards microbial harm. A typical glass of cow milk, say, 200 ml contains essential nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamins B2 and B12, and many more.

These values make milk the complete food, but at the same time, the same benefits overshadow the fact that milk is a nonvegetarian product. If people aren’t ready to accept the fact that milk derived from animals isn’t vegetarian by a long shot, then this hypocrisy will continue on its course.

Dinesh Goswami

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