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Make Money With Your Computer In 5 Unique Ways

What do you think your computer with the internet connection can do for you?

Internet browsing? Online shopping? Social media? Instant messaging with your friends?

What would you say if I say there’re a lot of ways financially productive to using your computer just other than that? Such as selling your stuffs online using your internet-connected computer or doing some online based part time jobs for earning on the side and as such?

Would you be surprised? Or is it something you’re already tired of, hearing such “make money online” things?

Well, you might be for either of both, or none of the two. Well,, then now  I just made up my mind to assign a mission to myself:

Make You Surprised To Discover Super Duper Unique Ways You Can Use To Make Money With Your Idle Computer Other Than All The Fluffs & Craps You Heard Numerous times and Got Sick of Hearing!

So we’re going to get started now! Are you ready?! Shoot!

5 Unique Ways To Make Money With Your Computer

1. Selling Smartphone Photos Online

Do you like taking pictures with your smartphone?

Perhaps, anything, like beautiful sceneries, objects in an artistic concept, pretty stuffs around or human/animal photography that has a conceptional message for something, just pretty much of anything?!

I assume many would just think photography is only somewhere in “professionals’ area” and it needs some expensive devices like high-end professional DSLR camera.

If so, I guess this is a great time to break all your stereotype about it!! And I’d love to say right now that “You, just amateur, or even worse than an amateur, can be enough to make money online selling your photos out of your smartphone!

You wouldn’t know that there’re several great stock photo markets that only deal with “smartphone photos”. And people out there, are awaiting you to upload your photos on your smartphone to sell them!

It’s a good business, somewhat like a freelance job which doesn’t need you to be a professional photographer nor costly devices to get started!

Because the photo shoppers only need smartphone photos!

Further Check Out How To Sell Smartphone Photos:


2. Get Paid To Listen To Music

Music!!! Music was supposed for you to enjoy or relax or such things right? I mean until just 2 seconds ago!

And the time is for What? Yeah break your stereotype!

You’re here now in my place and the definition of music here is what?!

So simple – Music means to Earn You Money Online!

You know what?! Some several websites involved in Music Tech or Music Agency(Singer Recruitment) Industry pay people money for listening to music and reviewing/rating songs created aspiring artists in the world!

Pay rates wouldn’t be as much as you wish, but the tasks you’re desired to conduct there is relatively really easy and prompt to complete for each. You will earn some good extra cash while you’re enjoying what you love on your regular basis: “Music”.

Further Check It Out How To Earn Money With Music:

3. Get Paid To Listen To Radio

This is a bit similar way to the previous one “Get Paid to Listen to Music”.

But as to this, it’s radio!

I can’t promise you for swimming in money like Scrooge Mcduck, your childhood-loving Disney character, but it’s at least like earning some pennies while you’re listening to your favorite radio podcasts!

Radioloyalty(dot)com and earnably(dot)com are two legit sites that pay you for listening to radio which would be worth trying if you’re a radio person and want to earn money while doing something you like at the same time!

4. Get Paid To Review Websites/Apps

This is generally called “Website Usability Job” or “Website Testing Job” in which you get paid for testing out and reviewing websites or mobile applications.

It’s not too surprising that there’re all-time needs for such testers demanded by businesses that highly need genuine feedback and reviews made by ordinary users like you, in order to improve their cyber spaces in terms of website design, site responsiveness, site structure, and all other details that could be detected by keen eyes of testers!

Pay rates for this job in general tend to be high: $10 per test on average, which usually takes 15 minutes – 30 minutes of your time to complete. You can earn good side income if it fits you.

Knowledge and expertise on web and mobile application is a plus, but you still can see a bunch of sites just needing your simple opinion on their sites in the normal user’s perspective.

So this job seems able to be tried by anyone as long as they’re willing for it!

Right down here are representatively reputed companies for website usability job for your info!

  • WhatUsersDo(DOT)com
  • Usertest(DOT)io
  • Enroll(DOT)com
  • uTest(DOT)com
  • UsabilityHub(DOT)com (beginner friendly)

Parting Words

Make Money With Your Computer

Today, we’ve learned  about 4 really unique ways to make money with your computer.

With the focus on inspiring with absolutely “New and Unique” things for you to try to make money, the listed 4 ways were carefully selected under the two separate core concepts:

  1. Being Enjoyable To Work OnGet Paid To Listen To Music & Radio
  2. Decent Earning RatesWebsite Testing Job , Selling Smartphone Photos

So that you can go your way as your fittest taste while you’re enjoying to make money with your computer in an unique way without boredness or mentally painfulness!

So just one thing I wanted to let you know was: “Making Money Online can be more fun, also worthwhile with more decent earnings than you might guess!”

Thank you for reading up the article “Make Money With Your Computer”, and have a wonderful day, all of ya!!