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Taaza Tadka

Lifestyle Choices Which Makes Us Pay More Than What We Ought To

We all know that obesity is a rising concern in today’s world. But how many of us know that whether we are really obese or not. Around 65% of the people are not even aware that they are facing obesity and continue living their life the same way. Some of us go a step further and start drinking and eating stuff which are terms to healthy but there is no significant change. For people who are suffering from the latter, detoxifying your body is the way forward and it is very important to stay away from the junk for a while because you might be doing more harm than you know. Now talking about the harmful side effects of being obese, we all know that obesity causes heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and so on.. But there is more thing which we forget to notice. All the mentioned diseases come to us as we grow old but while we are young and at the peak of productivity in life, this kind of lifestyle is going to give us a condition called as infertility.

Reasons for infertility:

* Poor lifestyle choices and imbalanced food habits

* Hereditary reasons

* Injury

* Other unexplainable reasons

It is very important to understand that like every other organ in the body, our reproductive organ also needs attention. Most of us never really know that it is important to even know how fertility quotient which is a metric which tells us how fertile we are. This not only helps us understand our fertility but also the risk involved in this. Most of the fertility center in Bangalore have a complete semen analysis for men and vaginal ultrasound for women which are considered the most accurate test to ascertain fertility health of men and women.

Fertility treatments in India have grown significantly to an extent that it has started to attract medical tourism into the country. There are a lot of experts in our country who can treat the most complex cases of infertility. At one of the best fertility hospital in Chennai, doctors conduct counseling session every month. At another hospital, they are giving off free fertility awareness magazines. We are at a point that we cannot deny that infertility awareness is much needed in our country. Infertility is always associated with money and people fear that any fertility treatments are always costly. This is a big myth. The treatment cost is just like any other treatment cost and there are a lot of options for you to pay the total sum.