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Is Work From Home The New Norm After Covid-19 Outbreak ?

Amid The Recent Coronavirus Outbreak Many Companies, Not To Lose On Their Productivity Have Assigned Work To Their Employees To Be Completed At Home

Amid the recent coronavirus outbreak, there is a lot of anxiety and concern about the future and how offices are going to function. Everyone is monitoring the Coronavirus live updates in India. Many businesses and companies, not to lose on their productivity levels, have assigned work to their employees to be completed at home. A new era is being ushered in the wake of this pandemic. The digital world is buzzing with files and bits while the real world has been shut down. With each passing day, companies are transitioning to this model of working from home. This article will talk about how working from home is gradually becoming the new reality for many people.

Dealing with inadequate technology

There are already numerous people for whom working from home is already a reality. Some companies even offered incentives to their employees to work with flexibility with no rigidity in matters of the working space. But some new research seems to suggest that the work from home facilities are not up to date for many.  A new study even says that 99.8% of the IT sector in India is incapable of remote working. 

There was no warning or preparation on the part of employers to make this phenomenal change to acquire the infrastructure required for remote working. Many people are unaware that despite there being hues and cries about digitalization, there is still a long way to go.

The need to respect remote working

In India, more than twenty lakh employees are working from home. Like everything else, working from home comes with its pros and cons. Quarantine has messed up the schedule of many individuals, and the motivation to work is lost somewhere in the process. Self-discipline has taken a hit. But when working conveniently with all your needs within an arm’s reach, life becomes much more comfortable. 

Barriers to communication are also eliminated in the process, and so is the toxic work culture. The social aspect of office life takes a backseat, and the sole objective becomes boosting the productivity of the worker. The value of the well being of an individual has gone up suddenly during the quarantine. 

Some companies who had already motivated and engaged employees are not finding any trouble to empower their workforce for remote working. Some companies have even observed that the situation imposed by Covid-19 in India has increased their employee engagement and cooperation with the assistance of digital means. The virus has enhanced their work practices. Many in the professional world have strong reasons to believe that coronavirus is a strong catalyst in changing workplace practices.

Boosting productivity

While working in offices, there are a plethora of tasks that are irrelevant and are in no way connected to you and your work, but you still have to attend to these because of the ancient work culture, which needs an update as soon as possible. What remote working has achieved is it has done away with constant meetings and other such things. 

A lot of time and energy can be spent now on essential projects using powerful tools at their disposal. Isolation allows people to devote their attention to tasks that have a higher priority attached to them. This drastic transformation has the potential to create history, and a minuscule virus causes all this.

Dinesh Goswami

Dinesh Goswami

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