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India Become The Most Corrupt Country Among The 16 Asia Pacific Countries: Forbes


But true…

Going by a survey report of anti-corruption global civil society organisation Transparency International (TI), it is clear that PM Modi’s all statements and strategies are about to fail.

One of the main objective of the current Modi Government supervise by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been to make India corruption free. But after seeing this survey report, it seems to has a long way to go.

According to an anti-corruption global civil society organization, Transparency International (TI), says that India has the highest bribery rate among the 16 Asia Pacific countries. While Japan has the lowest bribery rate, with 0.2%.

“People and Corruption: Asia Pacific- Global Corruption Biometer”, title of the recent survey by Transparency International. This survey was done between July 2015 and January 2017. After this survey report, Forbes also writes that India is the most corrupt country among the 16 Asia Pacific countries.

List of Asia’s 5 most corrupt countries:

5. Myanmar: 40% bribery rate

4. Pakistan: 40% bribery rate

3. Thailand: 41% bribery rate

2. Vietnam: 65% bribery rate

1. India: 69% bribery rate

It’s really very very shocking to see India in this list at the rank number 1. Because PM Modi’s first vision is to make India corruption free, as he always says. Report says, people highest pay bribes for public schools, hospitals, voters id permits, court and police.

Report says, if we see countries list according to percentage of corruption level high, we find China.



Courtesy: Transparency International Survey Report, Page No. 23



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