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How to sell undeveloped land conveniently?

Information Ayda Jamar 9 January 2018
Undeveloped Land Is Far More Difficult To Finance, Market And Sell As Who Would Take A Headache Of Construction From Scratch! Primary Reason Is Hard

Undeveloped land is far more difficult to finance, market and sell as who would take a headache of construction from scratch! Primary reason is hard to obtain bank finances whereas fluctuating interest rates further worsen things. Meanwhile, you can purchase it at a relatively low price as compared to the developed property so here’s an optimistic point.

Those who’re willing to take risk of buying off plan properties often consider outsourcing it to interested buyers who further utilise it for their personal benefit.

You also need maximising the profit which calls to bring serious finances before listing the property. Being short of initiating construction, hire skilful labour force plus arrange credits. Remember that your pool of buyers would definitely furnish the vacant property and thus raise its price. Now let’s have a look at some helpful selling tips.

The customer

Start by searching for interested buyer, one who’s actually determined to transform it into something more valuable. Highest price would come from commercial or private developers whereas land often goes from farm or vast tracts to smaller lots just before selling or maintenance. Installing utility lines, sewerage and landscaping system along with ridding loose soil falls under improvements. Now, this land is further marketed to end users while following the step is proven to bring higher profit.

Win with the best plan

Yet another way to price it well before selling is to provide a blueprint for would-be project. Ensure it’s something genuine so investors are determined to pay higher for it. Let’s say you’re planning a property sale that would have multiple floor plans such as two, three or four, the project is likely to bring more rent as compared to single-family home.

Meanwhile, a luxurious lot on a golf course is priced more than a landfill next door! A factory furnishing raw materials into finished goods brings more revenue as compared to a warehouse. Remember, better the plan, higher would be the dollar price!

Contact the agent

There’re always property agents who deals in the type of land you’re willing to sell. These professionals have a record of potential customers who has their eyes set for vacant property or specialists like builders where clients are ready to begin construction. These agents along with developers know inside details and price per square foot so there’s no point in resisting.

Go for a purchase contract

Finally you’ve appealed a buyer and ready with the plans! Devise a purchase contract and have it signed in presence of realty lawyer to avoid inconvenience afterwards. Buyers usually invest refundable money for what if the plan wouldn’t work and your hard earned cash is wasted down the drain. Occasionally, non-refundable money is also disbursed just to keep property off from the market for a specific timeframe. Until the time is right that is zoning regulations meets land requirements while building costs and requisites are met, development work doesn’t initiate.

Talk your way out!

If things aren’t working well, discussion is a much better way out of the mess so that’s exactly what you should do. Hold a meeting in presence of a real estate lawyer and decide upon the step to be taken by both.

Though plants and shrubbery helps in fostering a healthy environment, overgrown trees, dangling vines and loose branches pose a serious threat, especially during a storm where anyone can experience fatal accident.

Meanwhile, allergies from pollen and specific types of plants that may grow on off-plan properties also require ridding them which is indeed legal so all should be discussed before taking action.


All contracts must be considered binding so you’d definitely need to consult experienced real estate attorneys lest being new to property business and selling. Don’t hesitate to pay additional fee which is far better than to experience a much bigger loss later.


The above steps are exclusively aligned with undeveloped land however improvising these would also help you market fully-furnished property as well.

Ayda Jamar

Ayda Jamar

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