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How To Reduce Stress Through Healthy Eating for healthy lifestyle

Healthy eating is the primary part of a healthy lifestyle, but sadly, it is one such thing we compute up carelessly with.
Health Fitness Shahid Ibrahim 11 September 2021
how to reduce stress-through-healthy-eating

Healthy eating is the primary part of a healthy lifestyle, but sadly, it is one such thing we compute up carelessly with. Our busy lifestyle with subsequent stress makes it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For many of us, having a proper healthy meal is a weekend luxury and dining out is a norm, more often than not. This is where stress jumps into the picture. Stress is basically any physical, mental, or emotional strain that has serious consequences over a period of time. 

Stress can have a negative effect on your body. While short-term stress or anxiety can lead to headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, or weight gain, relentless or chronic stress can increase your risk of diabetes, depression, and anxiety. Stress can also affect your blood pressure, blood flow, and immune responses to cold or flu. In the current times, it is primitive that we take less stress and focus more on our health.

Though, merely saying to take less stress will not really help. Since both nutrition and stress are interlinked, mere meditation will not help the process. To stray clear of stress and limit its impact on our health,include healthy eating. here are some tips you should follow.

How to Limit Stress Through Healthy Eating

To have a healthy mind, you need to have a healthy diet! Nutrients from healthy food will help relieve your mind from stress and keep your body healthy as well. 

Know Your Body

Since we are living in a technology-driven world our life is a series of schedules which leaves us less time to focus on ourselves. Often times we look for go-to meals that can be gobbled down one-handedly when our noses are deep under work instead of taking some time and enjoying our meal by healthy eating. With our lifestyle, we can easily brush off stress and not even recognize it until the last hour.

But the first step towards stress management is knowing your body and giving it enough time to relax. You need to listen to your body when it is stressed or tired. The key to figuring that is to ask yourself, “how do I know that my body is under stress?” The answer is your cue to a healthy or organic lifestyle.

Self-care is a Must

We have heard it enough times, read it in Instagram captions, but fail to follow it in reality. The best way to destress is to make yourself a priority and prioritize your health and mind overall. We often overwork, thus sacrificing sleep, meal, or exercise for it. This leads our body to survival mode and thus adding more stress to the bucket. The key to step out of it is to take extra care of yourself and make sure you eat healthily and regularly and give yourself enough time to rest.

Eat Stress-Busting Food

Look for foods that are stress-buster and include them in your regular diet. While there is no power food, but certain organic fruits and vegetables contain nutrients /vitamins that help reduce stress while keeping your body fit.

  • Look for antioxidants like blueberries, tea, beans, tomatoes, or kale as they slow down damage to the cells.

  • Add high-fiber foods to your diet. High fiber foods like oatmeals, nuts, fruits and vegetables, beans are known to be great stress busters.

  • Orange and other Vitamin C-rich foods are also known to keep stress at bay.

  • Another easy stress buster is foods rich in Omega 3 acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation and help improve cardiovascular health. Regular consumption of Omega 3 acids will reduce hypertension and the risks of heart diseases. Foods like flax seeds, nuts, chia seeds, soy, or fish (salmon or tuna) are rich in Omega 3 acids.

  • Dark Chocolate contains metals like magnesium, iron, and zinc that helps in maintaining a healthy heart and prevent heart diseases.  

Look Out For stress-inducing food

Like stress busters, there is a certain food that can put a strain on your mind and body. Food and beverages like caffeine, alcohol, or high-calorie/sugar food can affect your sleep and cause dehydration and make you feel bloated or tired.

Tips To reduce Stress

A healthy diet and healthy eating comprises both fruits and vegetables. Loading up your plate with vegetables and fruits will help prevent heart diseases, cancer, and hypertension. Focus on yourself and self-care is a must.