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How To Lose Weight When You’re Short in Height

Health Fitness Jessica 1 June 2018

Increased weight is a major problem that people face in their lives and often find it extremely difficult to reduce that increased weight. Reducing weight is a difficult task and it can get further difficult if you are a short person. The major problem that short persons often feel is that when they have increased weight there body is totally out of proportion and it gets difficult to get back in shape. In this article I’ll discuss how to How To Lose Weight even if you are short in height. When you have a good height, an increased weight does not look bad on you but the same thing with short height can turn out to be a nuisance and give an extremely bad look.

And studies have revealed that it is extremely difficult to lose weight if you are a short person as compared to tall persons. Thus shorter people find it difficult to get in shape while for the tall ones it might just turn out to be a piece of cake. Short persons have slower metabolism rates which are why the weight reduction is slow.

This is why people with short height are often chubby as their metabolism rate is slow and they tend to eat and not burn anything. Even if they are burning calories, they are not burning it at the rate at which it should be burnt, thus there is no proper reduction in weight loss as the case should have been. We will now give an overview of how you can lose weight if you are a short person.

Eat According to the Need

The major problem that we witness is that people tend to overeat and then find it extremely difficult to burn out all the calories that have taken due to the overeating process. Hence it is advised especially for short people that they should eat according to the need. This means that you should stay within limits and avoid any overeating so that your weight can be reduced. The meal and snack level should match the hunger level that you have and it should not be more than that otherwise it will be difficult to cut down weight. Thus paying attention to your hunger calls is important because if you pay proper attention to it then you might end up eating less and reduce your cravings for food in this way.

Heavy Lifting

Though short persons may not be able to have the height of that of the tall persons they can always catch on the metabolic rate of others. You have to be metabolically fit which short persons can be if they can start heavy lifting. Strength training is the key and it is recommended that short people should go for heavy lifting at least 2-3 times per week. This will help them to build their muscles over the time along with the muscle mass that they need.

Choose Proper Vitamins and Minerals

In order to cut down on your weight, you need to burn more calories than the calories that you intake. This is a difficult thing to do specifically for shorter people but there is no other option left with them. You have to cut down on your calories count which can go to as low as 1,200 calories per day. Not only this you have to make sure that the food that you are eating has fewer calories in it and you are more and more dependent on vitamins and minerals that are low in calories. But this particular thing cannot be done on your own and it is better than you go on and meet a proper dietitian who can further guide you through the process of taking low-calorie count per day. This thing needs to be done under proper supervision only.

Increase the Protein Count

Protein is a major thing that will help you in reducing your weight and when you are trying to cut down on all the calories than you definitely need to increase your protein count. So if you want to have a body like of any tall individual than you need to make sure that you build protein muscles which will help you in building mass. It is said in studies that you need to eat 0.4-0.55 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight that you have. Thus a person with the weight of 150 pounds needs to have 27-38 grams of protein four times according to the body requirement.


This is one thing that will always work no matter whether you are tall, short, dark, or anything. Exercise is always there for your help. But one thing that needs to be looked is that there are different exercises that different people do. By this, we mean that tall people have different exercises that they do while the short ones have different exercises that they do. You cannot mix them up as they are for different purposes. As discussed heavy lifting, it is advised that short people should lift a 10kg weight once rather than lifting 3kg weight ten times. The former will have more impact on the health rather than latter and it will be more useful in cutting down the weight.

Diet Plan

There are different diet plans that have been rolled out and almost all of them have some sort of advantages. So short people need to take advantage of some of these diet plans and execute them in their lives so that they continue their progress towards weight loss, which has been an uphill task for many. Diet plans majorly enforce one rule and that is people won’t be consuming high-calorie food as it is difficult for them to cut down the weighting process.

These are some of the ways in which shorter people can cut down on their weight which an extremely difficult task is keeping in mind how easy it is for the taller people to do. But never give hope and keep trying and you will get the desired results.