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How to Keep the Car in Top Condition in the Spring Season?

Information asghar 14 May 2018

Our cars are exposed to the elements of nature all through the winter season after which they deserve better care, clean and service. Before you begin spring cleaning of your car, have some supplies ready in advance so that you don’t run frantically during the entire process. Ask the family and friends to join and contribute in cleaning up a messy and dirty car inside out. When ready with everything, here’s how and where to start from!

Never judge a car with its cover

  • Car wash

Cleaning a car at home is real fun and it’s also one of the favourite spring-time chores. All you need to do is have a bucket of soapy solution, microfiber sponges and a watering hose to clean your car with. Auto experts advice cleaning the car from top to bottom so that all the dirt, dust and impurities can flow from the top and on the floor. That said; carry out the task in a garage, a tree or any shade because direct exposure to sunlight would immediately dry the water, leaving behind whitish spots whereas sunlight can tarnish the paint job.

  • Wax/polish

Although a new car don’t require any paint, waxing or polishing, things are different with older vehicles that have seen their best days and been through significant environmental abuse. All of this apparently leads to a hazy, dim and deteriorated surface which requires professional car service Dubai. Professionals would coat the wax and clean in a sequential manner that’ll leave no marks while adding an extra layer of protectant from the elemental forces.

  • The car mirror

Gently wash the windows and mirror so that you’ve a clear line of sight, critical for safe driving. Glass and mirror are best cleaned with a mixture of water and white vinegar which further prevent streaks. It’s also an inexpensive alternative to those costly industry-grade cleaners while being environmental friendly as well.

Interior cleaning also matters

  • Wipe with wipes

Baby wipes are excellent for car cleaning as well and you can conveniently carry them anywhere, anytime. Keep a handful in the dashboard or tissue box as they come really handy in cleaning the centre consoles, dashboards, in-car floor mats and seats from dust, dirt and debris.

  • Vacuum treatment

Vacuuming the car is quite obvious but you should be doing that beyond the mats and in-car rugs. Use the contraption to extract the dust and dirt out of the vents, remove the grime accumulating the seat covers and everything that’s in between. And while you’re doing it, move the seats back and forward to deal with hidden particles. If you feel a peculiar and unlikely odour in the car, bicarbonate of soda is excellent to neutralise such smells. All you should do is spritz some on the car’s upholstery, let it sit for a few minutes, vacuum or wipe using a clean microfiber cloth.


While it’s always better to have a car service in Dubai for 100% perfection, you can keep the vehicle in top condition following the above tips.