How to increase testosterone levels naturally


Testosterone is a very important part of the human body. It is a hormone that is primarily found in males but is also present in females in much smaller quantities. The hormone is linked to many functions in the body, including libido, muscle gain, bone strength and even blood generation. Ergo, it can be very beneficial to boost the amount of testosterones in the body.

Testosterones are male sex hormones that are responsible for keeping up male health and physical activity inside the body. These hormones have multiple roles within the body. Typically, they’re associated with libido and sexual activity, but that’s not their only function. They also regulate and improve fat distribution, bone mass, red blood cell production, muscle mass and strength.

Testosterones are a type of androgens – male hormones that are also called anabolic steroids or simply steroids. A majority of testosterone is produced in the testes, but a small fraction is also produced by the adrenal gland. Its primary function is the development of male sex organs before birth, and secondary sexual characteristics such as growth of facial and public hair, genital enlargement and deepening of the voice. Testosterones are often associated with male health and well-bring.

Testosterone is the main force behind the changes which occur during puberty. These changes include deeper voice, hair growth and increased muscle mass.  It Is an important hormone and optimal levels must be maintained throughout including old age.

Apart from male health, testosterone also plays an important role in female health as well. It is important that our body has healthy levels of testosterone because they are important for general health, reduce disease risk, improve sexual function and just about everything else. Increase in testosterone level also help in gaining muscle mass.

How to increase testosterone levels?

Here are some of the natural ways which help in increasing testosterone levels in our body.

1. Workout and Weight Lifting

Exercise, without a doubt improve your health and overall quality of life.  Our lifestyle sees a dramatic improvement after we change it from sedentary to athletic. Studies have proved that people who exercise regularly have high level of testosterone. People who are obese show a remarkable improvement in their testosterone levels after increased physical activity.

Out of all type of exercises, weight lifting and High intensity Training (HIIT) help the most to increase testosterone levels in men.

2. Diet rich in protein, fat and carbs

Physical activity helps in increasing testosterone levels, but it’s your diet which has a major impact on testosterone levels. Long term diet strategy is something you should take seriously if you want to maintain a healthy level of testosterone.

Poor diet over a long period of time has a negative impact on overall health and your testosterone levels.  Research also demonstrates that healthy fats are good for testosterone. Similarly, healthy carb intake also helps in maintaining good testosterone level.

3. Reduce Stress Level

High level of stress releases hormones called cortisol. These hormones, like testosterone, are steroids which act as hormones but they can be categorized as anti-testosterone. So, we can safely assume that a high level of stress will negative impact our testosterone levels. Stress is not good for human body in all its way and cutting testosterone levels is one of its most negative impact on human body.

To maintain a healthy testosterone level, we need to get rid of stress in the longer run, else it will decrease the quality of life,

4. Get out in the Sun or get Vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D has a wide range of health-related benefits. It has become one of the most popular vitamins because of its endless benefits to our health. Vitamin D is crucial for optimizing testosterone levels in our body. Research has shown that consuming 3,000 IU of Vitamin D (D3) can increase testosterone levels in our body by a whopping 25%. One of the best source of vitamin D is regular and sustained exposure to sun, since Vitamin D is produced in the skin and is fat-soluble. Alternatively, we can also take vitamin D supplements.

5. Natural Testosterone Boosters

There are a lot of natural testosterone boosters present in the market but only few are backed by scientific research. Studies prove that the most effective herb is ashwagandha, it has a very positive impact on infertile men because it increases sperm count by 167% and testosterone levels are increased by 17%. In man who don’t have infertility problems, testosterone level is increased by 15% and it lowers the stress hormone cortisol by 25%, which obviously aids growth in testosterone level.

Ginger has a lot of medicinal value and has had its place in alternative medicine for centuries. Its extract is, to some extent, proven to increase testosterone level in men. It has been through research that ginger extract can increase testosterone level by 17% in infertile men and it also increases levels of other sex hormones.

Other natural testosterone boosters include tongkat ali and goat weed etc. It should be kept in mind that research on these herbs are conducted on infertile men and mice so results can vary in case of men without infertility.

Testosterone can be very useful!

Nature has provided us a lot of healthy ways which can increase testosterone hormones within the human body. So, instead of going for unhealthy artificial products which are not backed by any research we must try natural ways only. Unless extremely necessary, nature must be utilized to solve this problem. Increasing the quality of life is an important factor in increasing the level of this beneficial hormone in our body.

Testosterone boosts can make a significant contribution towards the quality of your life. If done the right way, they can change your life for the better. Remember, however, that each person has different testosterone levels in their body, and different requirements. So, before you take on any supplement or herb or diet change, be sure to consult with your doctor for the best course of action to suit your needs. Good luck!