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How To Apply Online For A New Driving Licence In India with Aadhaar Card

We are here to learn about the process of applying for a new driving license. So, we won’t waste your time and get to the point. Let’s talk how aadhaar card for new driving license is necessary.

But before you learn how to apply for it, we’ll take a look at the eligibility criteria. So, you can find out if you are eligible before you start the process.

There are various vehicle classes of licenses that you can apply for. Some of them for commercial use others for personal/private use.  We’ll cover the eligibility of some of the class of vehicles that are drive most.

If any of your family members have a driving license you can turn it around and check the class of vehicles mentioned on it.

Driving Licence Eligibility:

There’s an age limit. If you are above a certain age only then you are eligible for applying for the driving licence it could be either a learning license or a permanent license.

For motorcycles with gear, the lower age limit is 18 years old. For motorcycles, without gear, the lower age limit is 16 years. If the person is younger than 18 in these cases then he/she needs to seek the permission of either his/her parents or guardians.

In case you need a licence for commercial vehicles (Heavy) or transport vehicles you need to have at least passed the 8th grade. The lower age limit is 20 in some states.

How to apply for learning driving license?

The first steps would be visiting the Sarathi website and selecting the apply online option and then choosing the correct form. The following picture of the form will give you an idea of what to fill in the documents you’ll need to do it.

This is the driving licence online form for getting a learning licence. You can get a driving licence Mumbai or any city in India by applying through this form. You’ll have to select the state.

But before that here’s how you can reach the form.

Select the “Apply Online” option.

Next, select the type of driving licence you need to apply for.

When you select either “New Learners Licence” or “New Driving Licence” you’ll be led to the driving licence online application form.

Check your new driving licence status with the “Application Status” Options.

Before you fill out the new driving licence form you’ll have to fill in the learner’s licence details.

To fill out this driving licence form you’ll need certain documents by your side.

Here are a few that you’ll need

  • A learners licence.
  • Address proof. (Aadhar Card, Electricity bill, etc)
  • Proof of your age. (Birth certificate, PAN Card, Voting Card, School certificates.)
  • A driving institute certificate for transport vehicles.
  • Applicants passport sized photograph.
  • And all the documents for the vehicle that you need the driving licence for.

This is how you can apply online for a new driving licence in India. Most of you must already have Aadhar card as it is an important document and there are times when it’s safer to carry a duplicate copy. Here’s how you can apply to get a duplicate Aadhar Card copy.


Gargi Vaidya

Gargi Vaidya

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