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How Diabetes can Affect Your Sexual Health & Treatment By Best Sexologist in Jaipur

How diabetes can affect your sexual health & treatment. By this article you get all the information about how this affect and how we can treat.

(Diabetes affects a person’s sexual life a lot. It can affect every aspect of their lives)

The most difficult time for a man is when he loses his manhood. It is time for sexual problems that can cause defects. Sexual problems are a very common sexual problem in men. Most things like diabetes affect your sexual health.

In India, at least 20 percent of men over the age of 40 are struggling with sex. And the worrying thing is that this count is increasing. Now even younger men are struggling with this problem. So let’s know about this disease in detail so that we can reduce this count together.

During diabetes, when a man fails to get enough erections or erections in his genitals during sexual intercourse or cannot maintain it, then that condition is called erectile dysfunction.

What is diabetes:-

Diabetes, also known as diabetes Mellitus, is a disease in which a person’s blood sugar level is very high. Blood sugar is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Absence or insufficient production of insulin, or the body’s inability to use insulin properly can cause high blood sugar.

Effect of diabetes on sexual health

Many parts of the body do not function properly due to diabetes and it is common for humans to have problems like obesity, blood pressure. Both women or men also face sex problems due to diabetes. If not properly managed for this time, sex life can be spoiled. There are measures to reduce its effect in time, for this, you can reduce the problem by making some lifestyle changes after consulting your diabetes expert.

Blood sugar:-

Diabetes should be given the most attention by the patient to keep his blood sugar right. The more control your blood sugar is, the more active and strong your body’s veins are. If the label of blood sugar increases, then the efficiency of the drugs of the body decreases, and your sex life is affected.

Erectile dysfunction is the most common problem seen in diabetes patients due to weakness in the veins. If you are unable to control your blood sugar level, consult a doctor regularly, and be alert to regularize it. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about erectile dysfunction you can get erectile dysfunction treatment in Jaipur.

Healthy lifestyle:-

With a few problems, we can find the right steps in our lifestyle. Daily activities keep you strong and healthy in your body.

To keep your weight under control, you can maintain your sex life by doing workouts daily and staying active. With an active lifestyle, your diabetes is also controlled and you can maintain your capacity.

Drug addiction:-

If you are suffering from diabetes then you should avoid any form of addiction. Drunk has a bad effect on your sex life anyway and its risk in diabetes is doubled.

Diabetes patients should avoid smoking. Do not use alcohol too much. Due to smoking, ray blood cells are weak and this affects your sex life. Smoking and alcohol also increase your risk of blood pressure and heart disease.

Doctor’s advice:-

To keep the problem of diabetes right, you should always consult a doctor regularly. If you see any problem in any type of sex life, then tell your doctor, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best sexologist doctor in Jaipur and discusses its remedy. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is an experienced doctor for sexual health and the Best Sexologist in Jaipur.  

Effect on women:-

Decreases sexual arousal ability in women’s release of vaginal lubricant. These changes can result in painful sex and reduce a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm.

During menstruation, a woman with diabetes starts decreasing her blood sugar level. This is not a disease, rather you can say that this is a kind of change in women, which affects their body. If blood sugar levels decrease, it can take the form of a disease

It can affect the sexual health of women. It is a common practice as it can experience low blood sugar during sex. This can cause sex more discomfort than pleasure.

It is very important to have your blood sugar checked before having sex or during sex.

Also, women who are suffering from diabetes are more likely to experience infections, such as thrush, cystitis, and urinary tract infections. All this reduces the ability to orgasm or enjoy.

Effect on pregnancy:-

During pregnancy, it is most important to control blood glucose in the body during diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects not only your health but also the development of your unborn child. It is very difficult to normalize blood glucose during pregnancy, but if the amount is not controlled in the body, it can cause miscarriage, premature birth, birth problems, or other problems and ill effects on the mother and baby. May be required.

Effect on men:-

Diabetic men have constant fat and calcium deposits in their blood vessels when fat deposits become so high that the blood vessels shrink and shrink, the supply of pure blood to the penis is supplied badly. Gets obstructed and there is a huge reduction in penis hardening.

Sex hormone deficiency:-

The lack of sex capacity in diabetes is due to the lack of hormones in the blood like testosterone. Diabetes is often a thyroid problem. Sex is also affected by the lack of thyroid hormones in the blood. Diabetes patients often suffer from blood pressure problems, and medications given to control blood pressure also partially affect sex ability.

PH level increases:-

An increased level of blood sugar causes vaginal infections to increase the pH balance of the vagina. Healthy Lactobacillus present in the vagina increases the pH balance and causes bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections as bad bacteria develop. To keep bacteria in balance, you should use OTC gel once or twice a week in your vulva.

Diabetes effect on male fertility:-

In fact, diabetes in men has a bad effect on the quality of their sperm, due to which the sex life is affected, fertility is also negatively affected. It affects your DNA to a great extent. Research on diabetes patients and normal people aged 25 to 45 years found that the sperm DNA of diabetic patients was found to be more damaged than normal ones. A major reason for this is that diabetes causes oxidative stress. This is the reason that in this situation, sperm DNA is damaged. In such a situation, when pregnancy occurs due to the activation of these microorganisms, there may be a possibility of miscarriage or obstruction of fetal development.


Due to diabetes, the sexual life of people starts to suffer, so if there is a decrease in blood flow due to changes in blood vessels in the vagina in diabetes patients. There is a lack of sensation and sensation in sex. Experts say that you can overcome your problem with the help of a vibrator. And if your partner is amazing, you can get organza with the help of a battery-operated toy. For this, you will need the best sexologist and you should do this work after consulting a sexologist. My mentor Dr. Chirag Bhandari best sexologist in Jaipur. because he has done many successful treatments, he also has experience in this field.