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How Best to Wear Jeans at Workplace?

Fashion Kumar Niranjan 18 October 2018

Dressing for work and office dressing etiquette emphasizes on “appropriate” dressing while at work and work related situations. What a company terms appropriate may not be seen favorably by another. This is the reason why there is a written dress code given by the HR team in most companies. The dress code is super important to read through to understand what kind of shirts for women are considered “appropriate” for office and if black jeans at workplace for women are part of office dressing at all!

Dressing for work has an impact on the way you are perceived, received and projected at work. In these times of global collaboration, no company can work in silo. It is the same case for professionals too. A major part of working together includes managing perceptions where the way you dress makes a big impact. Take for instance jeans for office wear. While a lot of companies have a relaxed rule about office dressing on Fridays, even they will not welcome torn jeans or ripped jeans with open arms.

So, how best to wear jeans to work? Here are answers that are a collection from successful practice of wearing jeans to work.

Choose dark wash jeans with a uniform shade. A pair of blue or black jeans for women is the safest best. However, even white jeans works for some. The idea is to wear a color of jeans that is closest to formal bottom wear color shades. This ensures that your look on a Friday or a casual dressing day is not out of the movies or a pub. Plus in terms of perceptions, your look is not going to be drastically different from your everyday work wear look. Since perceptions are a big part of success, there is hardly any need to emphasize on managing them through dressing.

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Consider denim trousers instead of jeans only. A good pair of denim trousers matched with semi casual shirts for women can work wonders for your Friday office looks. They are chic, casual, cool, comfortable and classy all at the same time. The positives are way too many to ignore such a combination. The fit and flare of denim trousers adds to the image of professionalism. A little bit of attention to accessorize the denim trouser and shirt look will go a long way in presenting a clean and contemporary image of yourself.

Friday work dress can be achieved with a good pair of skinny jeans too provided they are not stone washed or acid drained. The golden rule of a uniform shade is sacrosanct for all kinds of denim wearing ideas to work. Another important aspect of wearing jeans to work is to pay attention to the rise of the pants. Since any kind of midriff show off will be seen in bad light, it is best to stick to comfortable and high rise jeans, be it pants, skinny jeans or trousers. No matter which of the three choices you pick up, put your best jeans clad foot forward.