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Few Foods that Ruin Fertility in Men

There is also a lot of men’s exercise, strengthens food also, but because of their low knowledge, they make such foods part of their food, which they all do, but they make water. After a long study, we tell you the list of these nutrients. These Lead to Infertility or low sperm motility.

1.Few Dairy Products

The first thing is such a dairy product that contains lactic acid lactic acid. It also contains cheese and other dairy products from cereals milk, which have seen a clear decline in sexual strength than eating more than a certain amount. More quantity means that if you make them part of your daily diet twice, it is high.

2. Fast Foods

All fried things that are used in fast foods, they are amazingly craving to overthrow the sexual energy of both men and women. Potato chips are listed in it.

3. Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are all breads, cylinders, noodles, which are made of blackberry, and the main squares are removed, and gradually destroy the sexual force. Use them at least. If you leave, then it’s better.

4. Chocolates

By listening to the name of the chocolate you will be lonely, but Mr. Modern research shows that its use is more likely to reduce your sexual drive. A grinding daily will also be counted in abundance. One or no milk in the week is not bad.

5. Soybean milk

Soybean milk and sauce are also very harmful for sex, it should be used very carefully.

6. Pope Cubs

The Pope Cubs of Micro Oven have been proven extremely sexually explicit. If you like it, you make them other than the oven, they are fine. 7.Maytha and that too Cream Max is a huge enemy of your sexual energy. Remember the principle that all obesity is the enemy of sex force and the fat is gradually closer to the neck. According to a universal survey, a thick woman or a thick man can never please her husband in secret life. The chubby wife on which she is wearing a smart man, will wash her throat with her wife!

8. Several Plants

The benefits of the plant are said to be very precisely but if you eat it or add it to mouth for perfume, or if you eat minutes or add to Cheongsam, it is not suitable for your sexual strength. Instead, you can drink minutes that are useful and also clean by bad effects.

9. Cafes and Candies

These are also the enemies of the human force, let them stay for the children, this is not good for a mature woman.

10. Diet Soda

It is also not suitable for sexual strength according to research, due to lack of interest. All this informationis derived from the world’s leading medical journal “Medical Daily” and are extremely reliable.

Low cost and Effective treatment of infertility

Increasing human strength is the desire of every healthy and young man, and there is nothing wrong with it, we are considered to be very oblivious to talk about this weakness, even though it is a physical weakness like ordinary weaknesses, but the question arises. How to increase the human strength, in the present days and in the present period, which has a prescription. So, it only keeps it limited to itself, and it is a sin to tell someone. I take it. To Read More about infertility please refer to Low sperm motility documentation.

What is the benefit of knowledge that cannot be forgotten by the Creator of God, is the following statement: The food prescription is related to ancient Greece and it can increase human strength to up to four times. This prescription also increases the strength and strength of the body. The detection of fatigue does not even come to every mood and every age. Men can use it. But men are mature. Don’t use thisif you are not mature.

Recipes to Prepare

Nakshukhara will get from Pencari, take 3 pieces to cook in 1 pudding milk. Wake up for 12 hours, after 12 hours, put it in a grinder and mix it well and stir it, mix it with half an inch of pure milk. When the milk is good If you get caught, take off the straw Mix cold honey and mix cold. Manpower will increase up to 4 times.


Diabetic and kidney patients once and again to check whether blood pressures or sugar grows, besides adding them to the milk that once fluttered, try to use it in cool weather. Do not use continuous use by interval. In addition, it can include fruits. If the goat’s milk is used then the timing will increase significantly. Remember that the only one is to take care of the person. And nobody else.