Fashion Glimpses: 7 Ways to Wear Shorts in Winter

For a sporty daytime winter look, don a pair of denim shorts over black sports leggings with a cozy knitted sweater. Kind of fashion glimpses
7 ways to wear shorts in winter

There won’t be a single fashion conscious woman who doesn’t have a pair of shorts in her closet. Shorts are an inseparable part of high street fashion. This ultimate fashion clothing piece lends a youthful vibe to your looks. But if you think this treasured summer clothing staple can only be worn in sweltering summer months, then you are wrong. Shorts appeared as the latest winter fashion trend in the fashion capital runways this year. Tweed, denim, silk, cashmere, leather and wool are some of the fabric choices for shorts in winters. This versatile clothing piece is great for people who want to achieve a layered look in winters without going overboard. Wear them over tights or leggings to keep your legs warm and covered in chilly winters. To help you rock the shorts look this winter, we have put together a list of seven different ways to wear shorts in winter months.

Sequinned Shorts and Blazer:

Sequins are going to rule the fashion world this season. Then why not wear them on your shorts! To make a statement, wear sequinned or shimmery satin shorts with sheer leggings and a satin collared blouse. tucked inside the shorts. For added warmth, wear this look with a blazer in metallic finish and a pair of high heels. To transition to a daytime look, replace the satin shorts with sequinned denim shorts and wear it with a blazer in earthy tones and high rise boots.

Denim Shorts and Knitted Sweater:

For a sporty daytime winter look, don a pair of denim shorts over black sports leggings with a cozy knitted sweater. This look superbly displays the beautiful knit patterns on your sweaters. The rugged denim shorts add a wonderful contrast to the sweater and directs all attention towards the knitting done on the sweater. If you don’t have denim shorts just make one by cutting any of your old jeans. Sport this look with a knitted beanie in the same colour as the sweater and a pair of converse sneakers.

Leather Shorts with Leather Jacket:

The classic retro leather jacket look gets a new twist here with leather shorts to create a layered effect in the outfit. Shorts made from leather are great for winters. Pair your prized leather shorts with a plain white tee or blouse. Put on a pair of black leggings or tights under your leather shorts. For an elegant street look, don a leather jacket over the shirt and finish the look with a pair of leather or suede ankle boots. Not to mention, a brimmed hat would make a perfect addition to this look.

Tweed Shorts and Turtle Neck:

Tweed is generally thought of as a fabric for old folks. But if you use some clever styling, it can help you maintain your youthful appearance. Tweed shorts are a perfect way to make this winter fabric worthy of staying in your closet this year and to give it a fresh youthful appearance. Put on a pair of tweed shorts with box pleats at the front in classic black and white undershoot or check pattern over black tights. Stay warm and snug by teaming up tweed shorts with a cosy turtle neck in black colour. Complete the look with high rise boots, a beret cap and a chic leather handbag.

Leather Shorts with Striped Sweatshirt:

Transforms your leather shorts into a sports outfit by wearing them over sports leggings and sneakers. And since stripes are going to remain in focus this year why not combine them with black leather shorts. To achieve this look, don your leather shorts with a sporty warm sweatshirt in striped pattern to help you stand out in the crowd. Make a style statement with a toque or a baseball cap. This look is perfect if you are going to a gym or for a jog.

Cashmere Shorts with Duster Coat:

Delve in luxury with a pair of cashmere shorts worn over solid coloured or printed tights with a fancy blouse. Duster coats are a great option for outerwear. Donning a duster cape over your shorts and tights look adds a new definition to the outfit. It also keeps cold winds at bay. Wear high heeled booties or scrappy sandals with the shorts and duster coat and make it a fashion moment of the season.

Wool Blend Shorts with Poncho:

An asymmetrical look is going to stay for a while this season. A poncho works perfectly in putting together the asymmetrical look. This piece beautifully complements the layered shorts and tights look in winter season and also keep you warm and snug. Ponchos come in a variety of cuts, patterns and designs. Pick a poncho with fringes and colourful block printing to go with your woollen shorts. Balance the look with a pair of high rise boots.

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