Facebook Live Gang Rape, 3 Arrested in Sweden

One of man laughed and said "u r raped “. On facebook 60 people has looked but no one taken stand against this ,even one guy commented like hahahaha.

On one side people think that social media like Facebook is only time-pass , entertainment and waste of time but toady it provide that Facebook is very useful for all in all aspects. Because with the help of Facebook three gang rapist arrested in Sweden.

In Sweden three man has done gange raped with drunked women in party and then they posted images and video of raped on facebook in group through which they had arreseted.

A lady who had done FIR on police station she is online witness and after seeing such tpye of raped video she complained against three of them.

Online witness said that At last of video one of man laughed and said “u r raped “. On facebook 60 people has looked but no one stand against this ,even one guy commented laughed like hahahaha.

This only show the negligence of people against crime. And this which increase crime in world.

Facebook spokesperson said: “This is a hideous crime, and we do not tolerate this kind of content on Facebook. Our teams work around the clock to review content that is being reported by users, and we have systems in place to ensure that time-sensitive content is dealt with quickly. We have given people a way to report violations during a live broadcast.”

The official added that Facebook “supported local law enforcement who make data requests related to criminal investigations,” according to Refinery29“We take our responsibility to keep people safe on Facebook very seriously.”

Rupanjali Upadhyay
Rupanjali Upadhyay

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